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Alluring Amethyst Meaning, Symbolism, History, Healing Properties and more

Amelia Wotson
Amelia Wotson
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Amethyst is a kind of quartz that has a alluring look and is available in various purple tones. Amethyst is a semi-precious stone with a vitreous sheen and a glassy look. Violet and purple colors might be present in the stone. Amethyst symbolises knowledge, serenity, and spiritual healing. Amethyst is a powerful and attractive stone that will enchant everyone and leave people who wear it feeling magnificently grounded at the same time. If you’re wondering how to utilise amethyst in healing, read on. Amethyst has a long history of metaphysical associations and thus is worn in the form of the Birthstone Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, and Zodiac Sign Jewelry. It is said that wearing Amethyst Jewelry will balance and activate your third eye chakra and crown chakra.

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