Monday, July 15, 2024


Jenny Astor

I am a tech geek and have worked in a web development company in New York for 8 years, specializing in Laravel, Python, ReactJS, HTML5, and other technology stacks. Being keenly enthusiastic about the latest advancements in this domain, I love to share my expertise and knowledge with readers.

Real Estate Website Design And Development Practices For Greater Property Listing Visibility

Appearances rate high in the real estate industry. Showcase your property in a riveting manner, extol its properties, and you have a sale. So,...

Practical Guide: Custom Software Integration with Existing Systems

Custom software integration is rapidly gaining popularity. One of the primary reasons is its ability to increase the life of your existing system. However,...

Best Practices for Delivering Exceptional CX with High-Quality Ecommerce Website?

The way shopping was done before by visiting shops in person has considerably changed over the years. It is mainly because the mindset and...

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