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Bathroom Trends Unveiled: Insights from Leading Companies in London

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The bathroom design industry in London has seen exciting new trends emerge in recent years driven by consumer desire for spa-like escapes, smart technology, sustainability, creative storage, and bold colors and patterns with a focus on metal accents. Below we reveal the top bathroom trends spotted in London along with insights from the city’s leading designers and companies.

Spa-Like Bathrooms Offer Relaxation

More and more Londoners are looking to create a soothing, spa-like environment in their own bathrooms. Key features that capture this aesthetic according to designers like Bathroom Company London include:

  • Soaker tubs – For a relaxing soak, often free-standing tubs placed as a focal point
  • Multi-head showers – Provide a feeling of being showered in a spa with rainshower heads and side jets
  • Heated floors – Warm underfoot floors enhance the spa experience
  • Natural materials – The use of stone, wood, and other organic materials ties to spa designs

Steam units, chromotherapy lighting, and towel warmers are also becoming popular. The goal is to provide an at-home oasis.

Smart Tech Provides Convenience

Bathrooms in London are getting smarter. Key examples include:

  • Adjustable lighting – Control lighting temperature and intensity to set the desired ambiance
  • Mirror TVs – Integrated television screens in mirrors for viewing while getting ready
  • High-tech toilets – Offer features like heated seats, remote operation, odor control
  • Digital shower controls – Provide exact temperature and flow settings
  • Voice assistants – Hands-free help with tasks like playing music, reading recipes

This smart technology aims to create the ultimate convenient, connected bathroom experience.

Sustainability Becomes Expected

Eco-consciousness has hit bathrooms in a big way according to London designers. Key sustainable trends include:

  • Water conserving fixtures – Low flow toilets, taps, and shower heads reduce usage
  • Natural materials – Use of local, ethically sourced renewable materials
  • Energy efficiency – Efficient heating, lighting and appliances lower carbon footprint
  • Non-toxic products – Zero or low VOC paints, stains, and adhesives improve air quality
  • Recycled content – Countertops, flooring and tiles with recycled material content

Storage Solutions Maximize Space

With bathrooms often on the smaller side, especially in London flats, smart storage is essential. Top solutions include:

  • Floating vanities – Wall mounted sinks with hidden storage below
  • Recessed niches – Built-in shelves in shower walls for shower items
  • Medicine cabinets – Mirror cabinets to conceal toiletries behind
  • Cabinetry – Cupboards for folded towels and toilet paper rolls

Proper storage prevents clutter to keep the space neat and organized.


Bold Colors and Patterns Add Flair

White bathrooms have been a staple for years, but bold colors and expressive patterns are on the rise according to designers. Examples include:

  • Vibrant paint colors – Blues, greens, and grays instead of white or beige walls
  • Colorful tiles – Hues like navy blue, marigold, and forest green on floors or walls
  • Geometric prints – Graphic black and white or metallic prints for modern chic
  • Nature-inspired patterns- Botanical and floral designs bring the outdoors in

Metal Finishes Provide Sophistication

The use of mixed metals has soared in popularity say bathroom retailers. Key metals include:

  • Brass – A glamorous finish lending a vintage vibe
  • Copper – A warm finish adding coziness and richness
  • Gold – Elegant and luxurious, perfect for high-end baths
  • Chrome – Sleek and modern
  • Matte Black – A bold, dramatic counterpoint

Metals provide a high-end look, with unique finishes like unlacquered brass patinating over time.

Key Takeaways

The interior design experts consulted agree – today’s top Bathroom Company London revolve around creating a relaxing spa vibe, smart technology integration, eco-consciousness, storage innovation, bold colors and patterns, and sophisticated metal accents. These insights forecast what’s on the horizon for bathrooms across the city.

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