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Beautiful Artificial Hanging Plants for Indoor Spaces

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Transforming your space with Designer Vertical Gardens’ lifelike artificial hanging plants brings nature indoor effortlessly. Unlike their natural counterparts, these artificial plants require zero maintenance—no watering, no sunlight worries—yet maintain their stunning appearance year-round. Crafted in various sizes, shapes, and hues, our artificial hanging plants seamlessly complement any decor style, ensuring lasting beauty without the upkeep costs.

Discover our diverse collection of Hanging Plants:

  • Faux Tropical Hanging Plants: From artificial Boston Ferns to Spanish Moss, our artificial tropical range offers vibrant greenery that transforms any room into a vibrant one.
  • Succulent Hanging Plants: Perfect for modern or bohemian decor, our artificial succulents like String of Pearls and Trailing Hanging Greeney add a minimalist charm.
  • Flowering Hanging Plants: Vibrant artificial Bougainvillea and Geraniums provide bursts of colour, enhancing any space with their lifelike blooms.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, our fake hanging plants cater to every aesthetic preference, ensuring your home or office radiates natural beauty year-round. At Designer Vertical Gardens, quality craftsmanship meets customer satisfaction, promising a botanical experience that captivates your eyes.

High-Quality Artificial Orchids and Succulents for Designers – Wholesale Options Available

I’m thrilled to introduce Designer Vertical Gardens for all your artificial plant needs. My name is David Eden, and along with my dedicated team, we specialise in offering realistic, low-maintenance greenery through our artificial succulents and artificial orchids – all available at wholesale prices. Our artificial succulents and orchids are perfect for both home and commercial spaces. With a wholesale option, designers and retailers can easily elevate their projects with lifelike, vibrant plants.

Elevate your space today with our exquisite selection and embrace the enduring allure of artificial greenery. To order, visit our website or call us at 1800 960 565.

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