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Beyond Credit Checks with TenChek in Canada: Unlocking Tenant Trust.

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Landlords in Canada have the ongoing issue of finding trustworthy tenants in the highly competitive rental market. Understanding the full history of your rental candidates is just as important as their financial accountability. Traditional credit checks can provide useful information but only go so far. This blog will discuss how TenChek goes above and beyond the typical tenant credit check Canada to give landlords a thorough picture to make wise choices.

Run More Than Just a Credit Check to Get the Full Picture

TenChek stands out as a recognized credit reporting bureau that offers background credit checks on renters at an incredibly low cost through Equifax and TransUnion. We stand out, though, for our dedication to giving landlords a comprehensive insight into their candidates. Become our members to gain access to a range of data that goes beyond a standard credit report.

The Unique Advantage

 You want to find out the truth about your applicant as the landlord. Data is collected in line with all federal and provincial privacy laws in our proprietary database. You may be confident that the information you receive is accurate and complies with the strictest privacy requirements.

The proprietary database used by us offers the following salient information:

  • Present Situation: The applicant’s standing at the time of application.
  • Rental Record: Specifics on prior rental applications, including good-standing departures.
  • Purpose of Departure:Information on whether the applicant paid in full after leaving and whether a change in ownership or management brought on the departure.
  • Overdue payments:Information on payment practices, such as whether the applicant makes late rent payments.
  • Default Status:Your current arrears status provides a comprehensive image of the applicant’s financial obligations.
  • Incident Background: Reports on any prior evictions and noise warnings, sorted by the grounds-such as non-arrears problems or rental arrears-are also provided.
  • Legal Issues: Whether the applicant has experienced judicial or other legal problems as a result of their tenancy

How to get access to our thorough tenant background checks?

 Getting started as our member is simple. By contacting us at 877-823-0220 or, you can access a wealth of information that will enable you to make wise judgments regarding prospective tenants. Lastly, don’t settle for a simple tenant credit check Canada to determine your tenants’ dependability. We allow Canadian landlords to inquire further, giving them a thorough grasp of a candidate’s rental history and financial accountability. With us, you can choose tenants with confidence who satisfy your financial requirements and meet your standards for responsible tenancy. For a complete tenant background check Canada, move ahead with us and improve your rental property management skills.

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