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Biocontrol Agents Market to Reach USD 13,634.3 Million by 2030

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In 2021, the biocontrol Agents market size stood at USD 4,851.7 million, which is projected to witness a 12.2% CAGR during 2021–2030, reaching USD 13,634.3 million by 2030 as per P&S Intelligence.

The increasing utilization of biological items in comparison to chemical-based crop protection items is boosting the growth of the market. Furthermore, the biocontrol agents are eco-friendly, have no injurious effects on humans, and are effective across the season, making them perfect for pest control.

In 2021, the microbial category had the largest biocontrol agents market revenue share of approximately 60% and is projected to experience a growth at the fastest pace in the coming years. This can be credited to the superb ability that microbes hold to remove pests from the ground and improve crop productivity. Furthermore, microbial agents are tremendously precise against embattled pests, support the survival of helpful insects in treated crops, and inspire their growth.

In 2021, the cereals and grains category garnered over 40% of the market share. This is mainly because of the high demand for cereals and grains by the increasing populace throughout the globe, and pesticide remains and is usually a source of worry for consumers in their food items.

Furthermore, according to the government source, growers lost approximately 40–45% of crops because of pests, worldwide. Thus, biocontrol agents are extensively utilized to protect cereal and grain crops from damage.

In 2021, the on-field category dominated the market with the largest share. The removal of some chemical pesticides and the plentiful benefits of on-field services have a positive influence on the growth of the market in this category. Correspondingly, as on-field spraying is measured harmless, most agriculturalists use biocontrol agents on the crops to surge crop production.

In 2021, North America held over 30% of revenue shares. This is because of the availability of plenty of fertile lands, the increase in demand for organic products, and the growing awareness regarding the efficiency of microbial pesticides.

Furthermore, in the U.S., the advanced agriculture industry has just started to familiarize itself with natural and organic agricultural approaches. For example, as per the source, the demand for organic agriculture rose by approximately 30% in the country in 2021.

Hence, the increasing need for biocontrol agents for pest control and no diverse effects on humans will the biocontrol agents’ market in the future.

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