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SunExpress is a Turkish airline that offers both domestic and international flights. Seat selection on SunExpress can be done during the booking process or after booking, depending on the ticket type you have purchased.

Here are the general steps for seat selection on SunExpress:

During Booking:

When you book your flight on the SunExpress website or through a travel agency, you will typically have the option to select your seat during the booking process. The available seats will be displayed on a seat map, and you can choose your preferred seat based on availability.

After Booking:

If you didn’t select a seat during the booking process or if you want to change your seat after booking, you can do so through the SunExpress website or by contacting SunExpress customer service. Visit the SunExpress Seat selection website and navigate to the “Manage My Booking” or “My Reservations” section. Log in with your reservation details, and you should find an option to select or change your seat.

Alternatively, you can contact SunExpress customer service via phone and request assistance with seat selection.

Paying for Preferred Seats:

SunExpress offers preferred seat options for an additional fee. If you want a specific type of seat, such as extra legroom or a seat with a better view, you may need to pay an extra fee for that seat.

Make sure to review the seat options and any associated fees before making your selection. Keep in mind that availability of specific seats may vary depending on the flight, seat class, and other factors.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding SunExpress seat selection, it’s recommended to visit the official SunExpress website or contact their customer service directly.

SunExpress is a Turkish airline that offers seat selection options to passengers. You can typically select your seat during the booking process or after you’ve made a reservation, depending on the fare class you’ve chosen. Here’s a general overview of how to select your seat on a SunExpress flight:

More space where it counts: Leisure carrier SunExpress, a joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, is now offering a vacant middle seat option to passengers for a small additional fee. The offer applies to all connections in the SunExpress route network. The vacant middle seat option starts from 59,99 TL on domestic routes and 39,99 euro on international routes.

“In times of the coronavirus pandemic, space is a major concern for many of our customers,” says Peter Glade, CCO at SunExpress. “In recent weeks, our guests have frequently expressed the wish for a guaranteed empty middle seat. We are, therefore, all the more pleased to be able to offer customers this extra service in the future.”

Customers can book the vacant middle seat directly with their reservation via the SunExpress Customer Service Center up to three days prior to departure.

Special Seat Requests:

If you have specific seating requirements, such as extra legroom, seats for passengers with reduced mobility, or seats for families traveling together, you may be able to make special seat requests during the booking or check-in process. There might be additional fees for these seat types.

Fare Class and Fees:

Keep in mind that seat selection options and fees can vary depending on the fare class you’ve booked. Some fare classes may include seat selection as part of the ticket price, while others may require an additional fee for seat selection.

Online Check-in:

It’s a good idea to check in for your flight online before arriving at the airport. This will often give you an opportunity to select your seat if you haven’t done so already. Online check-in usually opens 48 hours before your flight’s departure.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information on seat selection for your specific SunExpress flight, I recommend visiting the SunExpress Seat selection website or contacting their customer service. The process may evolve or vary depending on the airline’s policies and the specific route you’re traveling on.


Sun Express is a Turkey-based airline that is a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa Group/Condor Flugdienst. Sun Express’ initial operation was between Antalya and Frankfurt, which expanded to an extensive network of 107 destinations.

Class of Travel

Sun Express provides only one travel class with 3 fare types;

Economy Class

SunEco – Sun Express offers its customers a generous baggage allowance with the privilege of accessing an additional service that can be booked separately along with spacious and comfortable seats.

SunClassic -Sun Express provides the Classic guest with 2 non-alcoholic drinks and a box of snacks. The baggage allowance has an extra allowance of 5kgs.

SunPremium – Sun Express has a generous additional baggage allowance of 10kg with a Premium Meal along with the Extra Legroom Seat option along with 2 drinks.

Baggage Allowance

Economy class passengers are allowed 8kg for carry-on and 15-40 kgs for checked-in luggage.

Frequent Flyer Allowance

Sun Express Bonus is the traveler program that allows members to earn bonus points like 10+1, where the eleventh flight can be free. The program allows members to easily edit booking details and have a free flight that can be redeemed within 3 years. Bonus points can be accumulated by booking upgrades, purchasing additional services and inviting friends and redeeming them by taking advantage of the window seat and additional luggage. Check in

Domestic Flights – Passengers can check-in 24 hrs to 1 hr prior to the scheduled departure time.

International Flights – Passengers can check-in 24 hrs 3 to 5 hrs prior to the scheduled departure time.

International Flights ONLY from Turkey Passengers boarding international flights from Turkey check-in 24 hours 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.

In-flight services Sun Express provides passengers with access to SunShop, which is the duty-free flight store that has a variety of products from accessories to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. SunCafe offers the best in-flight culinary dishes, available on board and can be reserved in advance. Specialty and children’s meals can also be pre-booked during or after booking.

Onboard Support

Sun Express provides assistance to passengers with special needs. Ground staff provide wheelchairs and assistance at the airport during check-in. Passengers can choose the service that best suits their needs. Pregnant women, parents of unaccompanied children and people with disabilities can find out more about the facilities here.

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