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Controlling Temperature and Humidity Levels in the Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

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Manufacturers often make claims about the durability and rustproofing properties of their materials. However, these claims need to be substantiated through rigorous testing to ensure consumer satisfaction and prevent misrepresentation. The cyclic corrosion test chamber, manufactured by Presto Group, plays a pivotal role in subjecting materials to harsh environmental conditions to assess their corrosion resistance accurately.

Importance of Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

The cyclic corrosion test chamber is instrumental in evaluating the ability of materials to withstand corrosive environments, ensuring their suitability for various applications. For instance, in the automobile industry, where vehicles are exposed to water and adverse weather conditions, it is crucial to ensure that the materials used possess high anti-corrosive properties.

The cyclic corrosion test chamber operates through a systematic process utilising advanced technology to simulate corrosive environments effectively:

  • Inner Chamber: The central component of the chamber houses the samples and features three sample holders for versatile positioning. Atomizers and components within the chamber ensure even distribution of concentrated salt spray. A canopy seals the chamber tightly to prevent fog leakage, while an air purge settles the fog after testing to prevent external environmental impact.
  • Reservoir Tank: This part holds demineralized water mixed with NaCl (sodium chloride/salt) to create the salt spray chamber solution. Equipped with a sponge filter for water purification and a solution level sensor for monitoring solution levels, the reservoir tank ensures consistent testing conditions.
  • Air Saturator: The air saturator humidifies and heats air to 45°C before introducing it into the chamber. Equipped with an air filter to remove impurities, the saturator ensures a constant flow of humidified air throughout the testing process.
  • Electrical Panel: The control centre of the chamber, the electrical panel, regulates the operation of silicon bag heaters, reservoir tank, air saturator, and inner chamber. Featuring an LCD touchscreen for easy operation and 10 preset timers for test scheduling, the panel ensures precise control over testing parameters.

Buy Cyclic Salt Spray Chamber

For those seeking high-quality lab testing instruments, Presto Group offers the cyclic salt spray chamber to meet corrosion testing needs. Contact us at +91 9210903903 or email us at to place an order or inquire further. Visit our website for more information on our range of lab testing instrument. We are committed to providing top-quality instruments and excellent service to our customers.

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