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Diet Plan For Fatty Liver

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A fatty liver is when your liver stores too much fat. If you don’t take care of it, your liver can become unhealthy. But you can fix it by eating right. You might need to eat some foods and avoid others. Fatty liver happens when there’s too much fat in your liver, which can cause swelling and scars.
Dietitian Swati Singh, the Best Dietician in Noida offers an Online Diet Plan Fatty Liver Disorder tailored to your liver health. In this article we will discuss what food to eat and what to avoid for a healthy liver.

Types of Fatty Liver 

(1)  Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD) is for people who drink alcohol.

 (2)  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is for those who don’t drink much alcohol. It’s also called “Hepatic Steatosis” and it means fat builds up in the liver. There are many reasons why someone might get a fatty liver like eating too much sugar, having trouble with insulin, being overweight or because of their genes. You might want to get in touch with Dietitian Swati for guidance on an Online Diet and Nutrition plan.

What to Eat for a Healthy Liver

To make your liver healthy eat foods that are low in fat with plenty of carbs, fiber and protein. The treatment depends on what caused your fatty liver. If you catch it early, fixing the root problem can reverse it. Two common causes are drinking too much alcohol and eating foods with lots of calories from fat. If you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease without inflammation, losing weight slowly might be enough. In more serious cases, medicines that reduce insulin resistance, high cholesterol or help you lose weight can help your liver. For a better and healthy liver you can contact Dietitian Swati, a Dietitian and Best Nutritionist in Noida who offers customized diet plans for your health needs.

Foods to Avoid on a Liver-Friendly Diet

Even though “Fat” sounds like the problem, it’s not the biggest one in NAFLD. Surprisingly, it’s high-sugar and high-carb foods. Of course, you should also stay away from saturated fats for your overall health and weight loss. But cutting down on carbs will make the biggest difference for your fatty liver. Here’s what you should avoid in your diet:

✅  Alcohol: Don’t drink alcohol if you have NAFLD. It can cause the disease and make it worse.
✅ Sugar: Cut down on all types of sugar, even natural ones like fruit juice and honey.
✅ Refined Carbs: Say no to white bread and pasta. Try whole-grain options like quinoa, whole wheat bread, or black bean pasta.
✅ Salt: Keep your daily sodium intake under 1500 milligrams. Too much salt can make you retain water weight.
✅  Fried Foods: Foods like French fries, chips, chicken wings, and doughnuts are high in fat and sugar. They can make your blood sugar rise, which is bad for NAFLD.

Diet plan by Dietitian Swati an Online Dietitian Consultant For Weight Loss can help you in losing weight. Similarly her Online Easy Diet Plan for Weight Gain can help you in regaining your shape and weight gain journey. She is the Best Dietitian in Noida with 20+ years of experience in providing Diet and Nutrition plans.


Food has the power to make fatty liver better or worse. To improve your liver health focus on a high-fiber, moderate-to-low protein diet. This helps your liver’s metabolism since it handles protein. To reverse fatty liver pay attention to what you eat and avoid.
So, it’s crucial to eat a balanced and healthy diet when dealing with fatty liver. Include antioxidants, fiber and drink plenty of water with choices like berries, leafy greens, lean proteins and herbal teas to help your liver. Remember, everyone is different so talk to a healthcare expert or our Dietitians for personalized guidance on a fatty liver diet with Indian foods.

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