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Don’t Let A Blocked Drain Ruin Your Day – Tips To Unclog Drains

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A healthy lifestyle is preferred, as where the world is leading to. A clean and properly sanitized home is the top priority for it. But, in maintaining homes with considerable hygiene, many problems are faced.

Out of which, blocked drains are one of the prominent problems that we face. We don’t take this issue seriously, and we face health-related problems. Before we know more about blocked drains, let’s know what blocked drains are.

What Are Blocked Drains?

If your toilet, sinks or bath are getting clogged on a regular basis, you may be dealing with blocked drains. Blocked drains can cause your shower to overflow, your toilet to back up, and your sink to flood. Dealing with blocked drains often requires finding the root cause of the problem and performing repairs to resolve it. Here’s an overview of blocked drains so you know what to expect and how to prevent them from happening again in the future!

Causes of blocked drains:

  • Hair fall

This is a common reason for blocked drains. The flow of water is slow and occurs in the bathrooms’ drains. Women face hair fall while having showers, and hair, with water flow, eventually gets staged inside the drain without passing through the pipe. It leaves back a foul smell in bathrooms, making it suffocating and uncomfortable to use it. Still, water in the bathroom due to the blocked drain makes it disease prone.

  • Improper drainage

Blocked drains are there in the kitchen due to the improper drainage of food leftovers in the drainage only. Homeowners, while washing the dishes, flood off the leftovers in the sink, which blocks the surface area of the pipe as it gets collected on the corners of the pipe, minimizing the area of it and slowing down the flow of water.

  • Dirt and objects

Sometimes, dirt and dust get collected on a mesh of the drains leaving less space for water to escape through. Objects like a piece of plastic or small pieces of glass stuck inside the drain, due to which the drains get blocked.

  • Heavy storms and rains

The normal inner surface area of the drains, which are used in households, are not suitable to let a big volume of water to let flow through them, the water of heavy rains tries to flow through the outer drains of your home, but due to the amount of water is very much. The water does not flows which causes the overflowing of water and spills outside the area.

  • False installation of pipes

Blocked drains have an important factor which is how they are installed. Often, it is found that the blocked drains have poor installation due to the demand for the infrastructure or the poor knowledge of the plumber. Bad installations like pipes have more horizontal paths and overturning joints.

Tips For Clearing A Blocked Drain:

  • Boiling water

For instant solution which is available at home at the time. Boil water and drain off in the blocked drain by a strong force, which clears the obstacles and gets rid of the blocked drain.

  • Caustic cleaners

Mostly, the blocked drain of a bathroom or toilet is treated with a caustic cleaner (sodium hydroxide). It clears the obstacles and kills the bacteria by burn reacting inside the pipe. The cleaner should be used with special care.

  • Jet sprays

The blocked drain can be cleared off by using the strong pushing force of a powerful jet spray. The pressure of the jet spray is high and can clean off the whole pipe with strong force.


A blocked drain can quickly ruin your day, but you don’t have to let it happen again. Having a backup plan in place or knowing how to unclog your drains means that clogs are no longer something to be dreaded but rather something that can easily be dealt with so that you can get back to your normal routine and get on with your day. Hopefully, this blog post helped you with tips on what to do if you find yourself dealing with a blocked drain so that the blockage doesn’t ruin your day!

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