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When selecting a PCC agency for your online store, keep an eye out for these things.

projected to reach $136 billion by 2026 from $99 billion in 2022. This steady growth trajectory makes sense because, when executed properly, digital advertising remains one of the best methods for building brands.

How then can you join the ranks of brands that are succeeding? The first step in the process is understanding how to select a PPC company that does quality work. In this article, we’ll look at how to choose the ideal e-commerce PPC agency for your expanding company.

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Six essential criteria to assist in selecting the best PPC agency

1. Industry experience and expertise

First and foremost, the easiest way to assess an agency’s competence is to look at their track record and level of experience managing PPC ads within your sector. Every industry will have different criteria and considerations; for example, best practices for a campaign in the financial industry won’t be the same as those in the e-commerce advertising beauty sector.

Agencies that possess industry expertise will be better equipped to handle the subtleties of each market, comprehend consumers and rivals, and select the most efficient keywords, campaign parameters, and tactics.

2. Track record and success stories

Look for things like a portfolio, case studies, and customer testimonials to have a better understanding of an agency’s experience in the field as well as their general capacity to create and oversee effective ecommerce PPC campaigns. These kinds of records can reveal whether the agency has a successful track record for past customers. Case studies might be available on their website or social media. If not, then ask them outright.

3. Transparency and communication

Your PPC company must be someone you can trust. Additionally, you must be aware of the status of your initiatives and capable of actively participating in day-to-day decision-making. This is why choosing the best e-commerce PPC agency requires openness and effective, unambiguous communication.

They ought to give you thorough reporting and frequent updates so you can constantly be aware of how your efforts are doing. Asking prospective agencies questions such as these can help you determine their communication style:

Their methods of client communication (phone, email, video calls, etc.)

How frequently they get in touch with the typical client

How frequently they provide updates and reports

How they respond to unforeseen problems and customer questions

Who will be your point of contact and what role they play at the agency

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4. Customization and strategy

One-size-fits-all approaches are ineffective for PPC campaigns, just like they are for any other type of marketing strategy (or business strategy, for that matter). Every e-commerce advertising company will face different challenges based on its own requirements, objectives, target market, industry dynamics, rivalry, financial constraints, and more.

Because of this, your PPC approach needs to be tailored to your current situation and desired outcome. A crucial indicator of receiving a personalized, high-caliber PPC plan is being attentive throughout discussions and bargaining. Are they making the effort to comprehend your company, objectives, and target market? Are they demonstrating their understanding of complex business tactics and offering advice on what they would suggest if you become a client? If so, you might be headed in the correct direction. Learn how to audit your PPC advertising for e-commerce like a pro.

5. Data analysis and optimization

Establishing a strong campaign at the outset is one thing, but ongoing analysis and long-term optimization are quite another. The top PPC companies place a high priority on data collecting and analysis so they can decide what to do next based on well-informed information. Ideally, the optimization process would be ongoing in the background, with regular adjustments and changes from the agency, perhaps even on a weekly or monthly basis.

Ask e-commerce PPC agency about their approach to analysis and optimization when conducting interviews. How frequently do they evaluate campaigns and put optimizations into practice? Which measurements and KPIs (key performance indicators) are they monitoring? What equipment, software, and methods do they employ? If they’re running campaigns on Google Ads, they should, at the absolute least, be utilizing the built-in analytics from the platform.


6. Budget management and ROI

It is vital to have effective budget management for pay-per-click advertising. An experienced agency will be able to precisely adjust your bids so that they reflect the true value they will add to your company.

It’s important to make every dollar work as hard as it can for you in addition to simply conserving money. To help you in your budget discussions with prospective agencies:

  • Make sure your budget constraints are well understood, and ask the agency how they plan to work within those constraints to meet your objectives.
  • Get a comprehensive plan including the agency’s proposed budget allocation for various PPC components, such as keywords, ad placements, and targeting choices.
  • Find out the agency’s backup plans in case the budget exceeds or falls short of expectations.


Closing in on the perfect PPC agency

One of the most important steps to successful e-commerce ads is selecting the correct PPC agency. You now have a thorough guide to assist you in making the best decision. Keep in mind to pay close attention to the elements we’ve covered, such as prior expertise in the field, a track record of success, knowledge of current e-commerce PPC services trends, openness and communication, customization and strategy, data analysis and optimization, budget management, and return on investment. Compare them to your unique requirements and objectives.

When it comes to finding the right PPC specialists, don’t forget to check out 7Search PPC as an extra resource. It can save you a ton of time and hassle.


Choosing the right e-commerce PPC agency can be a crucial decision for your business. By considering the key factors outlined above and partnering with a reliable and experienced agency like 7Search PPC, you can ensure that your e-commerce advertising Platforms are optimized for maximum ROI and success.


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