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Effective Corrosion Testing with Presto Testing Instruments

Vishal Malhotra
Vishal Malhotra
Presto is Asia’s leading manufacturer of testing equipments with over 40 years of experience. We have developed a wide range of products to meet the needs of the bottle manufacturing industry. In addition to manufacturing Asian test equipments, our technical experts will also provide training and after-sales support services to help customers get the most out of their investment. Being a National Award Winner for Quality Products from the Government of India, Presto is the product to serve 11356 and many more customers across the globe.

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Presto Testing Machines have not just won accolades in the world of salt spray testing machines but have won National Awards for their unbeatable performance for the past 38 years for manufacturing A-One products. NABL accredited labs have lent enough credibility to the company’s products. This brings in additional quality with a sense of perfection. The fog testers are equipped and produce effective results and are considered one of the best salt spray chambers produced in India.

The effectiveness of testing is vital for any kind of testing that is done towards finding out resistance. Certain additional elements are introduced in such environments in order to make the test more effective. When elements such as oxygen, moisture, and chemicals are introduced into the chamber that contains a metal test sample, salt spray test helps to determine the impact of that specific element on the corrosion rate. The suitability, in this way, of Presto machines expands to a wide range. This is the reason why the company is so committed to maintaining quality, giving scope to effective testing.

Variety of Cabinet Testing

When the cabinets are ready and designed accordingly for testing, typically three cabinet tests are carried out to test the product, especially in the environment of industrial applications. It helps in drawing conclusions about the corrosive behavior of the metal sample that is placed in the chamber in order to be examined.

  • Salt spray test: this test typically changes the ion levels to analyze the metal sample, which in turn will determine the corrosive resistance.
  • Controlled humidity test: a change in the moisture levels is seen and noticed in this kind of test, which is carried out during controlled humidity tests.
  • Corrosive gas test: this type of test changes the chemical levels during the testing procedure in order to produce and reveal better resistance.

The brand value of the Presto salt spray cabinet is an honest response that can be read in customers’ enthusiastic remarks, once they have used the machine and placed repeat orders too. Air purge systems that are available for automated fog settlement are additional value add for the fog spray machines available for corrosion testing. Trusted by millions across the globe, Presto salt spray machines are equipped with 24*7 after-sales support.


Presto salt spray test chamber is a quality product that is a consistent and standardized product with the customers with one of the most competitive salt spray chamber price.

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