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Energy independence with solar power? Understand the perks and disadvantages of solar battery storage

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This is the era where the current generation needs to be more environmentally conscious and reduce their carbon footprint. Solar power can be a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources. But to attain self-reliance with sustainable energy sources, one critical component to use is solar battery storage. That works just like your conventional inverter. Hence, you need to be thorough about the pros and cons of solar battery storage to make an informed purchase. So let’s explore the advantages and limitations of solar battery storage. 

Pros of solar battery storage:

  • Energy independence

Both homes and businesses can attain the pros and cons of solar battery storage. One of the best advantages here is becoming energy independent by storing surplus energy from the PV system during sunny periods. Later you can use them during low sunlight or at night, which reduces reliance on the grid. 

  • Power backup 

With long battery life in the storage system, solar batteries can be a great resource during power outages and emergencies. EP Cube has a sophisticated battery management system that prolongs the battery life. It is scalable to integrate more batteries to operate the whole home for at least a week with a total 119.9kWh. 

  • Surplus energy management

The storage system easily shifts load during excess energy generation during off-peak hours. You can store it and use it during peak demand periods. This contributes to a more stable and balanced grid. 

  • Positive impact on the environment

If you want to reduce carbon emissions, using solar battery storage can maximize the use of solar energy and minimize dependence on the grid using fossil fuels. 

Cons of solar battery storage:

  • Initial Investment cost

The initial solar battery storage installation investment can discourage you from using it. But it can provide long-term benefits and get savings from electricity bills. You can reduce the upfront cost using various solar incentives. 

  • Limited energy storage capacity

There can be limitations regarding energy storage capacity for current solar battery technology. EP Cube is highly compatible with almost all PV systems to lower issues with battery loss and scale up to six batteries in parallel connection. Its lithium Ion Batteries can range from 10 to 15 years, with the initial operation completing 6000 cycles.

Final Takeaways:


Solar battery storage is a robust component of your solar system that brings energy independence. Get familiar with its numerous advantages if you harness renewable energy contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Despite the initial investment cost, you can benefit long-term with solar battery storage using a powerful technology system like EP Cube. EP Cube comes with an advanced monitoring app that is intuitive and user-friendly to offer real-time information. So you can manage your energy from anywhere and anytime.

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