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Everything You Must Know About Caterpillar Haul-Off Machines: a Short Guide

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As the cable and construction industry is experiencing a boom, the extrusion business is also growing. Rapid urbanization, digitalization of every sector, and, lastly, changed global lifestyle are collectively creating a huge demand for wires and cables in the cable and construction industries. Hence, to smoothen productivity, a high-quality machine is inevitable. Caterpillar haul-offs emerged as the savior of this huge workload. 

If you are looking for information about caterpillar haul-off machines, your research ends here. This article briefly analyzes the machine, its structure, and its need in the extrusion industry. However, if you are wondering which brand is the best flyer payoff machine manufacturer and dual capstan supplier in the market, the answer is in this article. Stay glued to it, and get your answers now!

What is a Caterpillar Haul-Off Machine?

caterpillar haul-off machine is a specially designed machine used in the extrusion process of plastic materials. The raw plastic material is placed inside the screw that pushes the material toward a die. The material is heated and pressurized to make it suitable to pass through the die. As the softened stock passes through the die, it gains its desired shape and size. The product remains hot and needs to be cooled. Caterpillar haul-offs pull the product while it gets cooled. This machine is used to create tension on the extrusion line. This tension is crucial to maintain the good quality of the extruded product. 

Structure of Caterpillar Haul-Off Machines

Caterpillar haul-off machines come with a very basic structural framework. They come with a fully covered aluminum profile design. The height of the machine can be adjusted well as it has positioning feet. All the functional units and cabinets are well integrated with the structural frame. The machine is provided with safety switches, and the inlet and outlet tunnels check the sliding windows. 

This basic framework is well fastened along the lower unit of the machine. The upper unit of the machine moves vertically through pneumatic cylinders. Both units are associated with separate servo motors. These servo motors have mechanically driven reduction gears. The machine has pressure controllers that help users adjust the pressure the machine applies. 

Features of Caterpillar Haul-Off Machines

A good caterpillar haul-off unit manufacturer ensures that their product has all the following features:

  1. Vector motor to generate constant pulling power.
  2. Energy-saving features with minimal use of moving parts
  3. Incorporation of new generation, latest AC servo motors
  4. High torque gearbox and constant torque impact motors to avoid repeated gear change.
  5. Compatible with industry 4.0 norms
  6. Enabled with IoT features to meet European market standards
  7. Electromechanical switches to guarantee safety
  8. Low cost and easy maintenance
  9. Capability to get integrated into existing lines
  10. Entirely guarded machines
  11. Capability to support multiple applications

Please ensure the machine you are considering buying has all the features mentioned above. 

Functions of Caterpillar Haul-Off Machines

It is no wonder that haul-off machines are now always in demand as they help in the extrusion process of plastic. The functions of caterpillar haul-off machines are as follows:

  1. These machines generate the necessary force to pull a pipe through the entire cooling operation. 
  2. As they pull the pipe, they also maintain spontaneity to retain the required dimension of the pipe. 
  3. These machines provide a spontaneous pulling rate to ensure the uniform wall thickness of the product.

In short, it helps retain a plastic object’s shape and thickness through the extrusion process. 


This was a short discussion on caterpillar haul-off machines. Please ensure that you are considering only the best manufacturer for your cable extrusion. If you are unsure about the brand you should invest in for extrusion machinery, Supermac will clear out your confusion. They are the top flyer payoff machine manufacturer in India and abroad. They have a wide range of extrusion machinery and are a top dual capstan supplier in domestic and international markets. 

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