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From Opt-In to Sale: Nurturing Leads Effectively Through SMS

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You are passing up a sizable potential if you aren’t employing text messaging to draw in and keep your clients. 

Nearly 70% of customers sign up for brand SMS messages, and the majority of them read them within five minutes. You want your firm to be among the 1 to 5 that more than half of customers get SMS from.

Let’s look at SMS lead creation, how to engage SMS leads, and some sample lead generating messages to get your next campaign off to a good start with your SMS marketing plan. 

SMS lead generation: An Overview

SMS lead generation entails your marketing team employing text messages to get clients to your location or website and piquing their interest over time with follow-up texts.

Tips for managing a fruitful SMS lead generation campaign

Ecommerce SMS service offers a number of advantages, including the fact that it is excellent for two-way communication and has great visibility with consumers. But managing a good SMS campaign involves more than just sending messages and crossing your fingers.

To develop a successful SMS strategy, remember these pointers: 

Get clients to sign up

Building your text subscriber list is the first challenge in launching an SMS campaign. Even if you’ve previously gathered their phone numbers for other purposes, your staff needs their express consent before sending them brand text messages.

You will need to rely on your current communication channels and underline the benefits that clients may receive if they sign up for your text messages if you want them to opt in for your company text messages. Offering a discount to new members will help you fast grow your list because incentives can go a long way. 

Check out these postings for four certain ways to increase your SMS list growth as well as sample messages to encourage clients to sign up for SMS.

Create triggers

Triggered SMS messages lessen the workload for your staff and provide your clients a consistent experience. When a consumer engages in a certain action, an SMS “trigger” indicates that they will immediately get an automated text message depending on that action. There are several texts that you can initiate, including:

Abandoned cart notifications

Welcome letters to new members

notifications about offers and membership status. Reviewing your client journey maps can help you decide which SMS triggers to put up. What common consumer touch points do you have? What difficulties do your customers have when interacting with your brand? What strategies may be employed using text messages to assist them in overcoming those difficulties, enhance their experience, and ultimately, generate a sale?

Make drip SMS campaigns

SMS drip campaigns provide you the chance to send your subscribers a steady stream of text messages tailored to a particular need, spaced out over the course of days, weeks, or even months. Your SMS drip campaigns may be connected to particular customer activities, such as when they sign up for your loyalty club, in a manner similar to your triggered SMS messages.

As an instance, your new member may get an introductory text message from your loyalty club’s SMS drip campaign welcoming them to the club and offering them a welcome discount. Then, two days later, they can get a message outlining the operation of your company’s loyalty point scheme. A message highlighting your new collection and mentioning their welcome discount may be sent to them a few days later. 

Instead of bombarding your consumer with messages urging them to make a purchase from you, an SMS drip campaign aims to provide ongoing value on a certain issue.

Segment breakers

The secret to keeping your SMS subscribers pleased is to provide them offers that are pertinent to their particular requirements. You may target clients in groups with similar requirements or interests by segmenting your SMS leads. For example, you might send messages that appeal to particular ages, genders, localities, or work titles. 

Consider sending subscribers text messages specifically for the aim of segmenting them, such as by asking them about their shopping requirements in a way that makes it simple for them to react with a word or letter. 

Customize the content

Customers should believe the messages you deliver are intended just for them, going beyond segmentation. Use the customer’s name in your text messages as a bare minimum to personalize them, and compose your texts in a way that reflects the tone and personality of your company. Additionally, sending customized birthday text messages to your clients is a terrific approach to demonstrate your concern for their unique needs.

Keep in mind your CTA

You must include a clear call to action for the consumer in every communication you send. Once they’ve read your SMS message, what should they do? Is the opportunity or offer time-sensitive? Make sure there is a CTA that meets your team’s overarching SMS lead generation goals before sending any text to your clients.


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