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Garden By The Bay Tour In Best Budget

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Singapore is a hub of architectural marvels, vibrant culture, and lush green spaces. But what else is greener than the entire city is the Garden by the Bay tickets. It is etched in the heart of Singapore and is a composition of art and engineering. It is popular amongst all other attractions in Singapore and hence draws people from all over the world. Though it may seem like an expensive tour, it is possible to enjoy a memorable Garden by the Bay tour on an economical budget. In this article, we will explore ways to visit this natural vista without emptying one’s budget. 

Timing is Everything

It is essential to choose the best time to make the most out of the Garden by the Bay tour. Even though the garden is open daily, the best time to visit it is the weekends. Besides, consider visiting this place a little early in the morning or in the late afternoon to catch the gardens in beautiful natural lighting. 

Free Attractions

The top factor of Garden by the Bay is that many of its attractions are free to visit. The Supertree Grove designed as a Supertree structure offers a stunning light show in the evening which is absolutely free to watch. Although the OCBC Skyway, which allows one to walk amid the Supertrees, charges a nominal fee, still one can appreciate the magnificent view from below without spending a single penny.

Budget-Friendly Tickets

There are specific parts of the Graden which charge a convenience fee. So, always go for purchasing a bundled ticket to both Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Conservatories. Through this combo ticket, one can save a few pennies rather than buying two different tickets for the attraction visits. Also, it is advised to keep an eye on special discounts offers and promotions during special events for both Singaporeans and foreigners.

Explore the Outdoor Gardens

Beside the Conservatories, Garden by the Bay has a variety of outdoor gardens which are accessible totally free. One can experience the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes and enjoy the lush greenery of the Heritage Gardens. Apart from that, the leisurely walk along the boardwalk at the Bay East Garden provides great opportunities for clicking photographs and connecting with nature at no cost.

Picnic in the Park

Though there are restaurants to dine which may be expensive, one can pick up a spot at the designated picnic areas. Here the travellers can enjoy their own snacks and drinks without worrying about affording the expensive restaurant foods. One is just required to visit a grocery store to pick up favourite snacks and drinks, and maybe some fresh fruits and juice, to prepare a budget-friendly meal amidst the beauty of the garden.

Free Guided Tours

There is some more for the Visitors as the Garden by the Bay tour offers free guide services. One can learn more about the history of the garden, horticulture setup, and the stunning design of the garden. It is going to add an educational and entertaining depth to one’s tour that does not cost anything extra. It is better to check the official website or inquire at the visitor centre for scheduling and availability.

Capture the Moments

One should bring their own capturing devices that would allow them to capture stunning views at the Garden by the Bay. During the daylight, the lush greenery hits differently, providing a dense look under the natural light and during the night, the vibrant lighting shows enhances the look of the Supertrees and other bay areas. This way one can easily document and capture without paying any convenience fee.

Take the Public Transportation

When reaching Garden by the Bay, one should hire public transport rather than booking a taxi to save money on parking fees and transportation costs. The Bayfront MRT Station is located just a few walks away, and many bus routes also pass nearby. This idea will help visitors stay away from spending an extra penny on transportation.


The Garden by the Bay is a blend of horticulture and architectural engineering. People who hold a special interest in plant species are going to like the horticulture details, displayed in a very fascinating manner. Also, the one who like to stay close to nature and long for it, this tour is going to be a perfect escape. But what can increase the smile on one’s face is taking a tour of these vistas by saving a lot in their budget. We hope this article has delivered nicely on to certain ideas to maintain a budget-friendly tour which is highly recommended as a must-visit during the Singapore expedition.


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