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Have your Maryland Handgun Permit (Concealed), but what about Renewing it?

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Many people now have their Maryland Handgun Permit, whether they live here or in other states. You had to get the 2 day training course, livescan fingerprints, and digital passport style photo- then submit it all online the proper way to the Maryland State Police (or have our staff complete that part for you). When you got your permit, it is only valid for no less that 2 years. 
So what do you do before it expires…?
It will be very similar to what you did initially to obtain it. First, you will want to obtain you required renewal training ( REGISTER HERE  right now, All Renewal Training is HALF OFF!) only a one day course this time. You want to start looking at the schedule at least a year in advance. Currently, we are scheduling out as far as October 2024 and selling out classes classes as far as September 1 in Leonardtown. 
What? You have a class in September selling out? Yes. Why? Because little less than 2 years ago we had an absolute rush of students coming to train with us once the process became less selective due to the Supreme Court stepping in and telling states like Maryland what those states already knew- their process was Discriminatory and Unconstitutional. Within 6 months we had training over 2,000 students. Now those students are coming up on their renewal in the next 6-12 months. 
We have even had a few renewal students getting really ahead of the curve, with 18+ months left until their renewal. Note: the renewal training is valid for up to 24 months. So even if your permit doesn’t expire until Feb 28 2026, you could still do your training now and it would still be valid when you go to renew. 
Also note: you can not submit your application for renewal until you are within 3 months of your expiration date. My current permit does expire Feb 28, 2026- I wouldn’t want to submit my renewal application any sooner than Dec 1 2025. But I could do my renewal training anytime between now and that date because currently I have 23 months until my permit expires. 
At your renewal training with us, we can provide you with an updated digital passport style photo for you to use in your renewal application, which is required. You though WILL NOT need an updated livescan fingerprint. No livescan fingerprints are needed to renew your Maryland Handgun Permit (Concealed).
For more information on the application process to renew your Maryland Handgun Permit, click HERE
To register for your required Renewal Training, click HERE

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