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Helpful Tips to Write a Self-Introduction

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Employment is one of the biggest concerns of people in their 20s. Unfortunately, the job market has frozen further due to the impact of the coronavirus. Before starting the long race of ‘getting a job’, this post will let you know in detail how to write a self-introduction and how to prepare for an interview.

The Key Factor of Self Introduction According to Experts

One of the most common things that consultants who edit self-introductions say is ‘head-to-head description’. They say that the core of the question should be stated at the beginning of the question, and that it needs to be revised because most people do not understand the core of the question. However, the above advice is a formula that applies to all writing, not just self-introductions, so it is not of much help in writing self-introductions. And if the above is the key point, all successful personal statements are completed in a ‘headline’ format, so they end up in a monotonous and structured ‘report’ format. When I edit my self-introduction, there are too many common keywords.

Just because you use basic knowledge disguised as strengths does not give you a favorable score on your self-introduction, but these unverified ‘passing self-introductions’ are being shared in many cafes and social media. Of course, the reason you should not trust your self-introduction for success is not because it has not been verified. The key reason is that the successful self-introduction cannot be the ‘only correct answer’.

If you get worried after reading all of this and going to search how to hire a ghostwriter to get your self-introduction written, then wait because you will get to know in this post the most useful tips to write a self-introduction. Read below to know;

 How to Write a Self-Introduction?

Basic Information Is Required

If you write in the format suggested by the company, you can follow that template. If there is no suggested format, you must include growth background, motivation for application, curriculum, determination, etc., which are basic elements in understanding people.

There should be no case where basic elements are omitted due to the desire to use it in a unique and unique way.

Be Sure to List Your Strengths

It is difficult for anyone to clearly explain their personality by dividing it into strengths and weaknesses. Because, above all, you must know yourself well. If possible, you should be able to talk about your shortcomings and also show your willingness to make efforts to improve them. It is a good idea to confidently reveal your good points or specialties, and also mention your shortcomings and talk about your efforts to correct them. This is because this attitude can leave a strong impression along with your personality.

Avoid Abstract Phrases

Be especially careful when talking about your personality or future aspirations. You should not start with a casual tone, it should contain your own feelings, and it is best to avoid abstract phrases. For example, it could be a vague phrase such as “I will do my best” or “I have a proactive personality.” These phrases are cliché and meaningless, and may be seen as a lack of specific interest or knowledge about the applicant, so it is better to specify them in other expressions.

Use of Characters and Foreign Words

When documents inevitably require the use of characters or foreign words, special care must be taken to avoid typos or omissions. While characters and foreign words can convey meaning quickly and make sentences more sophisticated, if they are used incorrectly, they can have an effect that is just as bad as not using them. Therefore, when using Chinese characters or foreign words, you 

Isn’t Non-Fiction More Interesting Than Fiction, Everyone’s Life Journey?

No one would intentionally listen to a heavy and stiff story. The same goes for your self-introduction, and the same goes for the hiring manager who reads it.

If you want to stand out among the flood of written and online self-introductions filled with countless stories, write your autobiography as nonfiction, which is not fiction and is more fun and interesting than fiction.

What’s important to you is making sure the other person reads it, likes it, and wants to meet you in person. If you can impress the other person with a phrase that took several days to write, you are already halfway to success.

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