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How Can You Enjoy a Tee Time at Your Choice of Golf Club?

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Golf reservation systems have evolved over the years and moved from manual phone calls to automated reservations. With simply a smartphone in the hands, a golfer can book a golf tee time at their favorite club or course. The online system of gold course reservation has been created to automate and simplify tee time booking at golf courses. 

You do not have to wait in long lines for an application and get involved in hassles for membership. You can simply choose and book among the 140 golf courses and their available tee times and pay for it. Online golf course reservation or tee time booking also allows you to book multiple tee times simultaneously. 

How Is Online Tee Time Booking the Future of Golf Reservation? 

Course managers had to spend the majority of their time attending phone calls and scheduling tee times. But with the advent of technology and the internet, the whole task of tee time booking has shifted online. Golfers can easily book a tee time of their choice at their chosen golf course using a smartphone. This has revolutionized the golf industry. 

Enjoy Golfing with Your Buddies at the Golf Course Situated Along Mountain Slopes

Enjoy golfing amidst the lush green golf course at Somerset West Golf Club, a walkable golf course. It is a parkland course split into three sections. Although these sections seem inconvenient, they add elements of challenge to the golfer. You can enjoy a challenging play at this course with your buddies by simply booking an available tee time online. 

Located at a distance of thirty minutes from Cape Town, it is one of the most popular golf clubs in the country. Its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff and management add to the popularity of this course. You are sure to enjoy yourself a great time golfing at the club situated on the slopes of the majestic Helderberg Mountain. 

Book a Tee Time at One of the Oldest Golf Clubs of the Nation 

If you like playing the sport against a picturesque backdrop, then you will enjoy golfing at the Krugersdorp Golf Club. You can spot indigenous trees, colorful birds, and exotic gardens at the club during your play. The pleasant and heart-warming visual experience is sure to make this club a favorite of yours. 

The club offers a variety of facilities to the golfers, including a privately owned shop, a restaurant, and others. The shop sells major brands of gloves, balls, clothing, footwear, and other golfing accessories for your convenience. You can sip on some early morning tea or coffee at your morning game of golf at the club’s restaurant. 


You can choose among the available tee times at the mentioned golf courses or other courses of your choice. Just search for your desired club or course, look for the available tee times, and make the payment. Now, you can enjoy playing in a quaint setting with your golfer friends by booking a tee time online.

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