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How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

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The cost of powder coating largely varies from one workshop to the next, with various factors coming into play as well. The size of the component, thickness, pretreatment required, and labor, all add up to the overall powder coating cost.


Powder coating is a widely used surface treatment method across automotive, architectural, furniture, and commercial applications. The item you want to be coated also plays a huge role in determining its cost.


Automotive components are the most expensive to coat due to their large surface area. Moreover, these items need a thick coating to resist wear and harsh environmental conditions. The minimum cost of coating per surface area ranges between $20 – $25.


Architectural elements like railings, furniture, and window frames cost less owing to their smaller surface area. The cost also depends on the type of powder being used and labor charges which largely vary across the country but may reach up to $250.


Any pretreatment like sandblasting will add-up to the price of the project. The average cost of sandblasting is $100, which is separate from the powder coating prices.


Here’s an average estimate of powder coating costs of common items:



Automobile Bumper $180 – $320

Motorcycle and ATV frames $250

Radiators $200 – $350

Furniture $100

Window frames and door handles $50 – $75 each

Beds $100 – $200

Fences and gates $6 – $ 8 per square foot

Railings $8 – $14 per linear foot




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