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How to Choose Best Childcare for Your Kids in Los Angeles

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It’s an important decision. The right foundation, provided by a high-quality childcare, daycare or preschool program, makes a difference. Did you know adults who participate in early education programs are 80% more likely to attend college and earn 33% higher average salaries?*

So where do you start? How do you ensure your child will receive the same quality of care you give at home?

Selecting the right childcare for your children is a big decision, especially in a busy place like Los Angeles. Here’s the steps to find the perfect childcare in the city.

Search for Child Care Programs in Los Angeles

To locate Child Care Programs in Los Angeles, access your state or territory’s online child care search tool. Areas are mandated to provide an online child care directory or search feature to assist in finding child care options. For your state or territory’s specific online child care search, you can go to the “Find Child Care” page now.

Quality Ratings

Child care quality ratings are how states measure and improve child care program quality. States use these ratings to share information about the quality of programs in a way that is helpful and understandable.

To see if your state or territory has a child care rating system and learn more about it, select your state or territory on the “See Your State’s Resources” and review the “Understanding and Finding Child Care” tab.

Start Early

Start looking for childcare options before you actually need them. Some places have waiting lists, so starting early is essential.

Think about what’s most important to you and your child. Do you want early learning programs, flexible hours, or something else? Decide what matters most to you.

Los Angeles has different childcare options, like childcare centers, family daycares, nannies, preschools, and after-school programs. Each has its own pros and cons, so do your research to see what suits you best.

Ask for Recommendations

Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers. They might have good suggestions based on their experiences.

Visit and Interview

Visit the places you’re interested in. Ask questions about their programs, safety, and staff. Pay attention to the environment and how caregivers interact with kids.

Cost and Financial Help

Childcare costs can vary, so consider your budget. Check if there’s any financial assistance or subsidies available.

Look at online reviews and ask for references from other parents. Their experiences can tell you a lot.

Trial Period

Some places offer a trial period. Use this to see how your child fits in.

After you’ve chosen, stay connected with your child’s caregivers. Being engaged in their activities and talking with the caregivers helps your child have a positive experience.

Like Famous One

When considering childcare options in Los Angeles, you might also want to explore Montessori Shir-Hashirim. Montessori schools often provide a unique approach to early education, focusing on independence, self-directed learning, and a child-centered environment. Shir-Hashirim Montessori school has two different locations. The main location is on Carlton Way in Los Angeles.

What is a Montessori Education

All parents want their children to succeed in school. This guide is designed to give parents, grandparents, and other caregivers ideas and tips that will improve their children’s potential for success in school. These ideas also help create a joyful family life and positive connections between parents and children, parents and parents, and parents and their children’s schools.

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Shir-Hashirim Montessori has a parent-and-me program that is required for families who may enroll their child in the Montessori program.

Keep in mind that Montessori schools can offer a different approach than traditional childcare centers, and it’s essential to understand if it’s the right fit for your child’s needs and your family’s preferences.

Montessori Schools

  • 6047 Carlton Way, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • Highly rated for the nurturing environment, quality staff, and great community
  • Contact school for tuition


In a diverse and lively city like Los Angeles, there’s a childcare solution that’s right for your family. Remember that it’s a significant choice and should be made carefully. With the right research, you can confidently select the perfect childcare for your children in the City of Angels, helping them grow and learn happily.

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