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How to Convert MSG File into PDF with Attachments?

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There are numerous reasons why a person could also desire to transform MSG to PDF. For example, to organize, steady, or make getting entry simpler. In this blog article, we will discuss the most effective strategies to convert MSG files into PDF. In this blog, we are able to go over the automated and guide techniques we discussed earlier. But first, we need to understand the basics of these file types as well as the rationale for performing them.

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What are MSG and PDF files?

  • MSG Files: Microsoft Outlook uses the MSG file format to keep emails, attachments, contacts, calendar occasions, and different mailbox contents. These folders are not effortlessly considered the usage of normal equipment, which includes text editors. These folders are in the compound file binary file, which requires a MAPI application to recognize them.
  • PDF Files: Portable Folder Format (PDF) is a global file format used for folder interchange. PDF preserves formatting, files, and fonts across numerous systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), making sure a steady appearance regardless of the study device. Additionally, PDF can be password-covered for added safety.

Reasons to Convert MSG File into PDF

  • Accessibility: To see PDF, you without a doubt need the unfastened Adobe Acrobat Reader, whereas MSG folders require Microsoft Outlook.
  • PDF is platform-neutral, in preference to MSG folders, which are like minded with Windows running structures.
  • Security: PDFs have password protection to secure important statistics within the file.
  • Preservation: Converting MSG files to PDF improves long-term clarity and gets rid of any compatibility concerns with future Outlook variations.

Manual Method to Convert MSG File into PDF

Step 1: Change an MSG file to a PDF using Outlook and Word.

  • First, choose any email in Outlook.
  • Then, below the File menu, choose the Save As choice.
  • Now keep your folder in. Html file.
  • Then, navigate to the saved folder on your local device and release Microsoft Word.
  • After that, open MS Word’s File Menu and pick the Save As key.
  • Finally, pick it out. PDF as your shop format.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • Batch Processing: This approach isn’t always suitable for transforming excessive quantities of MSG files. It is meant for man-or-woman emails; however, big conversions can be tough and time-consuming.
  • Limited Scope: The manual method merely interprets the e-mail’s basic textual content. Attachments, formatting, and files are not blanketed within the very last PDF.
  • Inefficiency for Large Tasks: For a huge variety of MSG folders, this approach is inefficient and blunder-prone.

Automatic Method to Convert MSG File into PDF

We discovered both manual and automated strategies for changing MSG to PDF. The TrustVare MSG file to PDF Converter stands proud because it can convert MSG folders in bulk, consisting of all attachments. This gets rid of the tiresome chore of converting every file one at a time, saving you a lot of time and effort. But its functionality does not stop there. The utility has the potential to import MSG folders into several formats, making them usable across numerous software. This allows for clean integration of your MSG files with another electronic mail purchaser or software.

The steps are given below.

  • Open the software on your laptop.
  • Use the “Browse” tab and File Mode or Folder Mode to clear out particular MSG files.

  • View a brief glimpse of the files that were uploaded. Select “Export to PDF” now.

  • To choose the precise place for the outcome, click on the “Browse” choice.
  • In order to complete the migration technique, select the “Convert Now” option.


This submission explains how to convert MSG to PDF manually and professionally. While a small quantity of files can be processed manually, however, to be able to maximize productivity and assure that attachments are blanketed at some stage in conversion, a professional solution is advised. This will convert your MSG files into secure, readable PDF.

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