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How to Delete a Page in Google Docs, Remove and Prevent It?

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Google Docs is a widely used tool to create, edit and share different documents to any person in the whole world. It is very easy to learn how to use the Google docs and create documents in it. But a common problem that people usually face with Google docs is that they have a blank page in their doc, which might have been added up accidentally by hitting the ‘Ctrl+Enter’ shortcut or by something else, and so wonder how to delete a page in google doc?. Well, these blank pages look very unprofessional in the doc file and definitely need to be removed. Also, while you are editing your final file, and want to remove a specific part in it and make some changes, this calls out for the different methods that can be used to delete that part in the Google docs. So as there are many different ways or methods to do this, we got you covered in this article with the best options.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details on how you can delete or remove a page in Google docs, what are the ways to prevent the issue of blank pages and much more. So just keep reading below to check out all the info.

How to delete a page in google docs?

Method 1- By using the backspace or delete key- Using the backspace or delete key is considered to be one of the most useful and popular methods to delete a page in Google Docs. So a detailed guide to do it using this method is as follows-

Firstly, open the file of Google Docs.

Then, go to the page which you want to delete from your Google Docs file.

Then press and hold on the cursor of the mouse which is present at the top of the page.

After this, just click on the mouse and drag it down through the content of the whole page that you want to get removed. And further, if you wish to remove a complete blank page in your Google docs file, then you can simply drag through the entire empty page.

So to do this, click on the backspace or delete button.

Then, the entire page which is selected will be deleted. And so all you need to do to eliminate the page or entire text as per you want is to follow these steps, and you can repeat these until all the pages you want to delete get removed.

Method 2- Adjust the page breaks- When there are multiple page breaks, they lead to the accumulation of the spaces which causes the problem of empty pages in the Google docs. So the easiest method to adjust these page breaks and for how to delete a page in google docs is this, and here are the quick steps to do that-

Firstly, go to the option of ‘view’ and click on the ‘show print layout’ option to uncheck it.

It will show you different page breaks as a grey line in the Google Docs.

Then, click on any one of the page breaks and tap on ‘backspace’. You can simply select any page break that you want or click on ‘Fn+backspace’ or ‘Delete’.

As you click on delete, the page break will get removed.

So now just confirm the removal of the blank page once with the help of the print layout view option.

Ways of removing a blank page present at the end of Google Docs File

Now, let us look at some other methods of how to delete a page in google docs. These are the methods of changing the settings of custom spacing and adjusting the margins of Google Docs. So below are the details of both of these-


Method 1- Change the custom spacing system- It is very easy to delete or remove any empty page from your doc by the method of custom spacing, which means adjusting the space after each paragraph. So below are the steps to do it easily-


Firstly, click on the paragraph which has the spacing issue, or select the complete document for making changes in the spacing. So you simply need to drag the mouse and select the paragraph that you want to change, or go to the shortcuts, such as Cmd+A for mac and Ctrl+A for windows to do it.


Then, open the format tool and click on the ‘line and paragraph spacing’.

After this, go to the menu of ‘custom spacing’.

Here, in the after settings, set for the zero.

And as you do this setting, the extra pages will automatically disappear from your Google Docs.


Method 2- Adjust the margins of the Google Doc- Another method for how to delete a page in google docs in this. So it is very easy to adjust the margins of the Google Docs when a line or two lines creates a huge space in the document on the final page of the document. It is definitely a lot easy to make the adjustments, which can be done by following the steps mentioned below-


Firsty, go to the menu for the file and open the option of ‘page setup’.


Then, as you need to adjust the margins now, it can be easily done in the settings. You can simply change the bottom and the top margins of the doc.


So as you open it in settings, just click on ‘ok’, and then the final lines will appear on the bottom of the final page. It is actually easy to reduce the size of the margins of the page slowly.

How to prevent blank pages in Google Docs?

Now after checking how to delete a page in google docs, it’s time to find out about the ways to prevent blank pages from occurring in google docs. So some best tips for this are-


  1. By checking the section breaks.
  2. By checking the page breaks in the document.
  3. By clear formatting the whole document.

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