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How to perform Umrah?

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Umrah is a wonderful spiritual journey that every Muslim performs to communicate with Allah and cleans his inner impurities. Any pilgrim perform on this spiritual journey takes the first step to cleanse his soul, body from past sins and heart, and mind of mistakes. By performing Umrah, a Muslim is on the way to being distinguished from others on the Day of Judgment. Umrah basically mean visiting the Kaaba or visiting a popular place. A Muslim who intends to visit the Kaaba should obtain for the Cheap Umrah packages from United Kingdom, and find peace in completing this sacred spiritual journey. It can be performed by any Muslim at any time of the year. Umrah is non- obligatory act of worship, it can be performed by Muslims at any time except during Hajj days. This spiritual journey to the Kaaba by all pilgrims is called the rites of Umrah. No Muslims can complete his Umrah without Umrah rituals. Performing the rites of Umrah is an essential step in performing Umrah. The rites required to perform Umrah include ihram, circumambulation of the Kaaba, Sa’i, and Halq and Taqseer.


Before entering Masjid Al – Haram, putting on ihram is mandatory before performing Umrah. Within the boundaries of the Haram, one has to pass through five areas of Miqat.

  • Dhul- Hulaifa
  • Al- Juhfah
  • Quran- al- Manazil
  • Yalamlam
  • Dhat- Irq

Before making the special visit to the Kaaba, pilgrims are required to wear Zamzam. Ihram is usually combined with two white garments for pilgrims. Muslims enter the state of ihram before performing Umrah. Before putting on ihram, he should make the intention of Umrah and put on ihram to pass through a certain place. You also have to make the intention that you are performing Hajj or Umrah. Many people living in the west may find it difficult to learn how to wear ihram. Therefore, Cheap Umrah Packages travel provides complete awareness of Umrah rituals with its packages easing your difficulties. Men’s Ihram consists of two white sheets which are called Izar and Rida. It is not obligatory for women to wear ihram, they can perform Umrah in casual clothes. She can use Abaya, if wearing Abaya is better. After ihram, the next ritual begins.


Tawaf is derived from Arabic word Tafa, which mean to surround something or circle around something. In Islam, Tawaf refers to circumambulating the Kaaba seven times. Each cycle will start from black stone and the end on black stone. Each cycle is too completed in anti- clockwise direction around the Kaaba. Similarly, the process of completing seven cycle around the Kaaba is called Tawaf. It is one of the duties of both Hajj and Umrah. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), pilgrimage recite Takbeer and various other prayers. In the month of holy Ramadan the reward of Umrah is increased and there is a rush of pilgrims for Tawaf in Ramadan. Similarly, December is colder and the number of pilgrims are less. Price of packages also becomes cheaper in December. You can avail yourself the wonderful opportunity of December Umrah packages from CheapUmrahPackages Travel. CheapUmrahPackages also offers 7 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package for the UK pilgrims. Most of the travellers booked these packages because these packages are cheaper as compare to the other packages. As per as Umrah is concerned, Tawaf is one of the main rite of the Umrah. Tawaf is not only worship but this sacred act of worship brings Muslims closer to Allah. Believers show unity before their Allah who come from all over the world to visit Allah’s house. Umrah is not complete without Tawaf.  Tawaf of the Kaaba does not mean that Muslims worship the Kaaba, rather it mean that they worship their Allah who is the only one. Angels circumambulate Bayt-ul- Ma’mor to worship Allah, just as Muslims circumambulate the Kaaba in the worship of Allah. Kaaba is the spiritual center of the world. The construction of the Kaaba was done by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) by the order of Allah. It is the first place of worship for Muslims. The act or circumambulation represents the worship of Allah that none is worthy of worship except him.


Among the obligatory rituals of Umrah, Sa’i is an important ritual. Sa’i is a ritual of fast running between two mountains, Safa and Marwah. These two Mountains are located near Mecca Masjid Al- Haram. Muslims around the world who go to perform Umrah or Hajj perform Sa’i seven time after Tawaf. The literal meaning of Sa’i is to pursue or strive. Sa’i Umrah is the third obligatory ritual. It is obligatory for Muslims to perform Tawaf and Sa’i after performing the prayer. Based on history, this practice of Sa’i is a memorial of a mother’s sacrifice for her son. The practice of Sa’i is done in imitation of Hazrat Hajirah. Hazrat Hajirah was the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim and the mother of Hazrat Ismail. Hazrat Ibrahim was ordered by Allah to leave his beloved son Hazrat Ismail and his wife Hazrat Hajirah in the hot desert of Safa and Marwah. Hazrat Ibrahim obeying Allah order, left them there with some dates and water and returned home. After a few days, the water and dates ran out and in the hot desert Hazrat Ismail thirst increased and he began to cry. Hazrat Hajirah was not seeing her longing for her son, she began to circle both Safa and Marwah mountains again and again in search of water. Crying Hazrat Ismail began to rub his feet on the ground and water started coming out from there, which was named Zamzam water. Pilgrims perform the ritual of Hajj in memory of this event.

Halq or Taqseer

Halq and Taqseer are two important rites of Umrah. They are performed after completing the pilgrimage to Mecca. Pilgrims should be aware of this ritual of Umrah. Men should shave their hair while women should trim their hair to the length of a fingertip because their hair adds to their beauty. For men there is a commandment of Halq and Taqseer has been ordered for women.

Final verdict

Muslims round the world go to Mecca, the holy city of Saudi Arabia to perform the spiritual journey of Umrah.  Umrah is an easy mean of purifying the soul and forgiving one’s sins. Umrah is not complete without the rites of Umrah. These are mandatory rites and their performance is very highly rewarding. One can enter Masjid al- Haram only in the state of ihram. The next ritual after ihram is Tawaf circumambulating around the Kaaba seven time. Then pilgrims perform Sa’i in remembrance of Hazrat Hajirah. The last and obligatory ritual is Halq or Taqseer, it is very important to perform it. 

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