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How to Select The Best Hair Products for 4C hair?

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We often get asked how to take care of our 4C hair extensions. We can tell you that it is not that much different from caring for your 4C hair! From the start, you know it’s different from caring for your hair! Your 4C hair is tighter and more tightly curled than other curl patterns — it’s a bit difficult to describe but noticeable.

The strands are curled in very tight z-patterns, sometimes barely noticeable. Like other curl types, 

Let’s go through a few best practices! To take care of your hair, first, identify what type you have; once you know what kind of hair you have, you decide which products will work best for it. It also tangles easily — so be sure to take good care of those baby hairs!

How to Determine Your Hair Texture?

Determine Your Hair Texture

If you have curly hair type, chances are you have Googled some great products for 4 C natural hair or great products for 4 C hair. Your hair type is either determined by the shape of your follicle or the shape that an individual strand has. On the other hand, 4C hair has coils and can be straight or wavy. The types of curls are 1, 2, 3, and 4a 4b hair

Best Hair Products for 4C Natural Hair

Best Hair Products for 4C Natural Hair

Type long 4c natural hair styles is coily and dry. In addition, to having defined curls, it also has a zigzag pattern that makes it prone to shrinking or flattening, making it appear shorter. You can tell if someone has type 4C hair by looking for tightly coiled strands. One way to differentiate type 4C from other hair types is by identifying strands that are often tightly coiled.

The zigzag curly pattern is fine that it is often invisible at first look. One of the finest things about 4C curly hair type is that it is amenable to various kinds of hairstyles, but it also tends to shrink significantly when wet or washed at high temperatures. Type 4C hair does best with hairstyles that use its natural curl properties and minimize shrinkage, but this hair also shrinks very easily.

Choose Great Hair Products for 4C hair?

Hair products for Type 4C coils can help with dryness and shrinkage. Hair creams are used to soften the strands, and one should use products that contain chemicals or ingredients that keep hair hydrated and makes it look less flattened. Products containing shea butter, cocoa butter, and palm oil work best with type 4C hair. 


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