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How To Start An SEO Services Agency Business

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Running an SEO business isn’t easy; you have to research according to your organizational growth prospects. There’re numerous SEO service agencies operating on both a small and large scale. Before starting the business, you need to learn about SEO, website building, getting clients, and so on.

Let’s dive into the steps:

Learn SEO

It’s incredible how many dive into starting an SEO services business without a solid understanding of SEO. Don’t fall into that trap. Learning SEO before offering services is crucial; otherwise, you risk causing more harm than good to your clients’ sites—their livelihoods.

How do you learn SEO? Well, a great starting point is the Ahrefs blog and YouTube channel. We’ve crafted numerous SEO tutorials, especially for beginners. Check out our beginner’s guide to SEO or the SEO video course if you’re unsure where to begin.

Make your own website

Reading several SEO guides doesn’t equip you enough to start an SEO business. You need practical experience. Start by creating your own website and using it as a testing ground for your SEO skills.

If starting a website doesn’t appeal, consider joining a reputable agency to learn on the job. But starting your own site is the best bet if you’re more entrepreneurially inclined.

Go T-Shaped

As you practice your SEO skills on your website, you’ll discover what aspects you truly enjoy. Specialisation matters. It was link-building and content creation. Knowing your forte helps you stand out in an industry crowded with all-in-one SEO service providers.

Once you identify your strengths, dive deeper into that area, becoming a “t-shaped marketer,” as Rand Fishkin calls it. That specialization can carve a niche for your services.

Get Clients

Now that you’ve grasped the basics and specialized, it’s time to offer your services. But how do you find clients?

  • Freelancing Websites: Despite the skepticism, some great clients lurk on platforms like UpWork and People Per Hour.
  • Cold calls and emails: It’s a numbers game. Even introverts find success here.
  • Inbound Marketing: Attract clients through avenues like optimized website content, YouTube channels, PPC ads, or guest posts.
  • Get Referrals: Delight your clients, and they’ll refer you. It’s an infinite growth loop.
  • Nail your logistics

Focus is crucial in setting up an SEO business. Here are some tips:

  • Accountant: Don’t overlook this. An accountant saves you time and stress.
  • Invoicing Software: Use apps like Invoice Ninja or Xero to streamline invoicing and payments.
  • Multi-Currency Account: Essential for international clients. Services like Wise make handling multiple currencies hassle-free.

The road to starting an SEO business isn’t always glamorous, but these steps should set you on the right path.

Building an SEO business is no walk in the park. While I’m making it sound somewhat straightforward here, there will be a lot of uncertainties on your journey. Overnight success, particularly in reaching a million-dollar agency, is improbable.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid hiring freelancers or virtual assistants (VAs) in your business’s early stages. Delegating tasks can be a smart move as things gain momentum and overwhelm sets in. However, I advise against hiring full-time employees until your cash flow stabilizes and you’re confident about consistently affording them.

If you’re not there yet, keep pushing forward. Progress often takes longer than expected.

Expand your team

Productizing involves standardizing your offerings and creating a systematic, repeatable process to deliver services to clients. It streamlines services and facilitates the hiring process.

Now, about staffing—bringing others on board is essential for scaling up since your time is limited.

But it’s not merely about adding warm bodies to fill seats; it’s about carefully selecting individuals who align with your business’s ethos and can contribute meaningfully to its growth. These could be specialists in areas where you might not be as strong, or simply additional support to meet the increasing demand.

However, building a team isn’t just about numbers. It’s about fostering a culture that encourages creativity, innovation, and synergy. A cohesive team operating with a shared vision can amplify the potential of your business.

Remember, scaling is not a one-size-fits-all process. It’s about finding what works best for your unique business model, clients, and aspirations. Some may aim for rapid expansion, while others might prefer controlled growth to maintain quality and client relationships.

And while scaling sounds enticing, there’s no shame in choosing not to. Not everyone dreams of becoming an industry giant. Some find fulfillment in creating a niche, delivering personalized services, and finding satisfaction in a manageable workload.

Bottom Line:

In essence, the path to scaling an SEO service business is a journey of constant evaluation, iteration, and alignment with your goals. It’s about finding that perfect balance between expansion and staying true to your business’s core identity and values.

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