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internal grinding machine for sale

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internal grinding machine for sale Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd (inherited from Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool Works) with 64 years history of designing and manufacturing of machine tools, is the largest machine tool manufacturer in South China. In 64 years, from the Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool works at that time to today’s Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd with fixed assets of 350 million yuan, large enterprise groups with basic equipment industrial machinery and 5G intelligent equipment as the leading industries has increased at a rate of several times each year. The company is 鈥渉igh-tech enterprise鈥? “National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise ” ,鈥漄uality credit A level enterprise鈥? take the lead in the implementation of the domestic industry ISO9001, GB/T19001-2016 and other international and domestic corporate management system certification and evaluation . The factory is located in 9 Huaxiang road, Changsha economic and technological development zone, Changsha city, Hunan province, China, is occupies an area of more than 100 acres, has R & D center, office building, joint plant nearly 15,000 square meters, nearly 200 various types of equipment, nearly 100 sets of testing equipments. Our main products is universal lathe, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine,machine center, rubber roller grinding machine, lapping/polishing machine and nano bead mill. In recent years, Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd has basically formed an open social innovation system with enterprises as the mainstay, a combination of production, teaching and research, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to improve its technology and product research capabilities. Our company has two scientific research and innovation platforms of Hunan Province CNC Precision Grinder Engineering Technology Research Center and Hunan Enterprise Technology Center. It has spanned 60 years of independent innovation and technology accumulation. Jinling has a number of independent intellectual property rights and has formed multiple series and varieties. The production pattern of CNC machine tools. The company has core patented technologies and brands, excellent talents, and market resources. It already has industry-leading independent research and development capabilities and core technical advantages. The company’s products have won the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, Changsha Technology Innovation Demonstration Unit, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Gold Award, China International CNC Machine Tool Show “Chunyan Award”, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Centennial Achievement Award, Hunan Provincial famous brand products and other awards and honorary titles. The product structure is continuously optimized. With the development of global industrial digitalization and the industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing technology has become an irresistible trend. We are constantly exploring opportunities in challenges. With the rapid development and transformation of the Chinese manufacturing industry, we can better help customers solve diverse parts. Processing technology, Jinling Co., Ltd. continues to promote product upgrades and introduces German PUHLER GmbH as our strategic partner. Paler is a technology company focusing on nano-grinding intelligent equipment based in Hamburg, Germany. The brand MAXXMILL authorized Jinling to assemble and sell in China. In order to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of the MAXXMILL series of grinding and polishing machines and high-end CNC machine tools jointly designed by China and Germany, they jointly created a “German technology, local intelligent complete solution”. And jointly signed a strategic cooperation to develop CNC machine tools and intelligent grinding and polishing equipment and flexible production line process solutions, and vigorously develop mid-to-high-end intelligent machine tools, CNC machine tools and 3D grinding and polishing machines. The main application areas of the products are the automotive industry, engineering machinery, mobile phone touch screens and back covers, solar photovoltaic, magnetic materials, sapphire, 3C consumer electronics, seals and other major national economic fields. The influence of the company is increasing. The company will always adhere to the corporate spirit of 鈥渞esponsibility-oriented, innovation-oriented, development-constant, and dedicated-to-promise鈥? with 鈥渁chievement of cutting-edge manufacturing and revitalization of national industry鈥?as its corporate goal and mission, and strive to innovate, forge ahead and build the company The core business card of “One-stop precision special machine, flexible production line overall solution and intelligent manufacturing technology solution professional provider” is committed to becoming a leader in the field of CNC grinding equipment and intelligent equipment.internal grinding machine for sale website:

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