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Jupiter Transit 2024 Predictions – Sagittarius Moon

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General Overview

Sagittarius Moon Sign individuals will experience Jupiter’s transit into their 6th House on 1st May 2024 where it will remain until 13th May 2025. Throughout this period, Jupiter will influence your 2nd House, 10th House, and 12th House. As Jupiter transits through your 6th House between May 2024 and May 2025, you might find a favourable opportunity for success in your work and the potential to overcome challenges posed by competitors. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when dealing with loans and debts during this phase. Careful financial management is essential during this period.

Jupiter’s influence in your 6th House helps you to become more efficient in your daily routine. Obstacles become opportunities to learn and grow. Existing legal disputes have a good chance of reaching a favourable conclusion during this period. It is also a good period to explore your creative side. the positive influence of Jupiter might also bring favourable returns on investments made during this transit. A thirst for learning intensifies. While Jupiter’s influence brings positive opportunities, resist the temptation to rush through tasks. Set aside ego and pride when navigating business ventures, career competitions, or challenges.

Jupiter’s shift into retrograde motion starting October 9th might bring positive developments at work but could pose challenges to your health. Implement a self-care routine that prioritizes healthy habits and activities to navigate this phase from October to December effectively.

Career/ Profession/ Business 

From 2024 to 2025, Jupiter’s transit through Taurus unlocks a period of potential growth in your communication and intellectual pursuits. You’ll be receptive to constructive criticism, allowing you to refine your ideas and approach challenges with a fresh perspective. Your dedication and commitment are more likely to be recognized. Excellent job opportunities may arise, paving the way for a well-deserved promotion or a substantial salary increase. As your success grows, competitors might attempt to hinder your progress. Remain vigilant and strategically address any obstacles they may create. Stay grounded and mindful to avoid the pitfalls of ego.

Personal Life:

This period presents opportunities for personal growth through brief trips that can be refreshing and spending quality time with siblings or neighbours. Be mindful of your mother’s health. This transit might also present the chance to undertake religious trips with your family. Balancing work and family life becomes crucial in 2024-2025. Brace yourself for a year brimming with familial joy. Jupiter’s influence has the potential to nurture loving connections and cultivate a positive home environment.

Love/ Relationship/ Marriage Life

The period between 1st May 2024 and 13th May 2025 might bring some bumps in your married life. Actively listen to your spouse’s concerns and offer unwavering support during difficult times. Look forward to a positive and transformative year for your kids. They may exhibit signs of increased maturity and explore new perspectives. However, be mindful of their health, especially during June and August. Focus on self-care to avoid potential joint and back issues. Strengthen your immune system and prioritize rest during travels. Hectic schedules may elevate mental stress. Schedule quality time with your partner for a romantic getaway to unwind and reconnect.


Buckle up for a year of financial upswing. Expect an improvement in your overall income, possibly through multiple sources. A positive attitude can lead to favourable business changes and potential profit. Curb impulsive spending and prioritise well-considered investments. Be prepared to overcome obstacles that might arise. Avoid real estate investments during this period. Approach business ventures with caution and avoid hasty choices. Steer clear of any illegal means of acquiring wealth. Rushing into decisions could lead to losses. Careful planning is vital for success.


Jupiter’s transit through Taurus in 2024-2025 presents a favourable window for academic pursuits. This period offers an opportunity to excel in competitive exams and entrance tests. Consider studying abroad or exploring a new field of study. While initial challenges with focus and concentration might arise, persistence pays off. Saturn’s influence in your 3rd House may necessitate putting in extra effort but ultimately fosters stronger academic discipline. This transit might even bring the chance for some Sagittarius individuals to secure scholarships and pursue higher education overseas.


Prioritize your health during this period. Increase vegetable intake and opt for healthy choices to boost immunity and combat chronic diseases. Be aware of potential digestive issues, weight gain, and a weakened immune system, especially if you have diabetes. While extreme workouts aren’t necessary, regular physical activity is crucial for overall well-being. Get free daily horoscopes from astroved



  • Applying saffron tilak or Sandalwood daily can attract good luck.
  • Donate to charities aiding orphaned children.
  • Provide pulses, jaggery, and ghee to the needy every Thursday.
  • Offer sweets to Lord Vishnu and consume them as prasad.
  • Offer sweets to visually impaired or orphaned children on Thursdays.
  • Contribute to orphans, kids, or the homeless monthly on Thursdays.
  • Avoiding Non-Veg food on Thursdays and Saturdays is advisable.


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