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Know How to Batch Export OST to PDF on Mac?

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In any case, if you want to batch export OST to PDF on Mac without Outlook, the entire blog will guide you through a few easy steps to convert OST files to PDF along with attachments. The entire OST to PDF conversion can be completed quickly which allows you to save offline OST files into PDF file format.

Learn about OST File & PDF File          

If you’re familiar with the OST and PDF file extensions, then it’s useful for you to understand the conversion procedure. If you are not familiar with it, have a look at it as follows-

OST File- Most people who use Outlook are familiar with OST files and how they work. It’s an offline storage of MS Outlook that holds the complete data like notes, emails, calendars, tasks, journals, and so on. It is a copy of the Exchange server that stores all of the data in an OST file. OST files are synced with the server whenever a connection is made to the system.

PDF File- On the other hand, the most extensively used file format for storing documents is the PDF (Portable Document Format) file. To keep any data secure and safe, the PDF file extension offers strong security. Additionally, PDF documents can preserve all of the formatting of the material, including headings, fronts, images, and hyperlinks.

The Necessity of Exporting OST to PDF with Attachments

Why do we change our OST files to PDF files? Before switching from OST to PDF, users frequently ask this question. The benefits of using Adobe PDF files are listed below to help you understand why OST to PDF conversion is necessary.

  • The password-protected feature of PDF documents makes them the most secure file type.
  • Independent of the platform, which is easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Because PDF files are portable, users can transfer or share PDF files from one system to another.
  • Full support for maintaining all text formatting, including fonts, headings, graphics, hyperlinks, and more.
  • Large PDF files can also be compressed, and users can combine many PDF files into one.
  • You can print numerous OST messages to PDF format by using a PDF file.

Other than these advantages, there are many major solutions available in front of users. Due to which users want to quickly import OST messages to PDF. Now, the problem arises “how to batch export OST to PDF on Mac?” In the next section, you will find the straightforward and easy method to convert OST files to PDF with attachments on macOS.

Export Batch OST to PDF on Mac OS with Mac OST to PDF Converter

Users must utilize MacMister OST to PDF Converter for Mac Tool, which offers the simplest method for performing OST to PDF conversion on any latest and below version of macOS including Mac OS X 14. The software safely converts offline OST files to PDF format with attachments & other embedded items present in OST file format. Without installing Outlook, this program enables the migration of countless OST files to PDF format for Mac OS.

For effortless OST to PDF conversion, one can download and install it on any Mac operating system. Users must select the OST file and the desired location before clicking the export button to begin the offline OST to Adobe PDF migration.

How to Batch Export OST to PDF on Mac OS? –Follow Stepwise Process

  1. Install and open the Mac OST Converter on your macOS platform.
  2. You can add OST mailboxes to the tool by selecting “Add Files” or “Add Folder” from the menu.
  3. Before exporting the uploaded OST email to PDF format, you can now Check and Uncheck the box next to it. To continue, click the Next
  4. Now, choose PDF as a saving option from the list of available options.
  5. Apply other needed options such as Save Attachments, File Naming, and Destination Path.
  6. Press on the Export button to start the final conversion of OST files into PDF files on Mac machines.
  7. Within a minute, the software will complete the tasks with the “Conversion Completed” message. Then, click the OK to finish the process.

Highly Recommended Benefits of Mac OST to PDF Tool

  • Batch export OST to PDF on macOS at once.
  • Offers complete conversion of OST files to PDF format with 100% accuracy.
  • Preserves the folder hierarchy to maintain emails in the same folders.
  • To convert OST to PDF, a direct program with a single panel interface is available.
  • Even after the conversion, it maintains text and email formatting.
  • There is also the option of renaming files.
  • Save the resulting file in the location that you like.
  • Works with complete range of Mac and Win operating systems.

Bottom Lines!

Users must have gained a lot of information about how to batch export OST to PDF on Mac OS from the previously mentioned points. So, users must check out the Pro edition of MacMister OST Converter for Mac Tool. This application quickly converts OST file into PDF file format without losing any details.

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