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No one person can be singled out for credit for the Enns fightback

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“There is no result without a reason.”

Ahead of the LG Twins’ game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Nov. 11, baseball manager Yoon Kyung-yup praised Detrick Enns for his turnaround pitching performance from the previous day’s game on Nov. 10.

Enns started the previous day’s game and threw 105 pitches in 6 1/3 innings, allowing one run on four hits and two walks while striking out four to earn the win. The win reversed a three-game slump in which he had an 8.36 ERA (13 earned runs in 14 innings).

During his adjustment period, Enns worked to bring back his lowered arm height, which increased his velocity, and he also moved his footing from the first base side of the plate to the third base side to prevent his changeup from sailing completely over the right-hander’s outside foot. The results were all positive.

He threw 41 fastballs, 29 cutters, 22 changeups, and 13 curveballs, topping out at 151 mph. He reduced the use of his curveball, 스포츠토토 which was the cause of his low arm angle, and maximized the strengths of his other pitches, including his cutter and changeup.

“I was conscious of my arm height, and I changed the pitching plate to prevent my changeup from escaping, and it worked. I had a lot of two-seamers escaping, so I changed it and it worked. I had other pitches,” he explained.

“It may seem like nothing, but it was a big change, and it’s not easy to change something that you’ve been doing for a long time. That’s why the person who told him was good, and he was good for accepting it. “The coaching staff did a good job, and the pitching design did a good job, not just throwing pitches, but making distinctions in the power analysis of which pitches to use to get the count and which pitches to use as decisive pitches,” he said. Catcher (Park) Dong-won also did a good job. Everyone did a good job. There is no result without a reason,” he said, recognizing the efforts of each part of the team that worked to make the difference with Enns.

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