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Repair Your Car Tyre at Your Home with This Easy Guide

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If you drive a car, you must’ve come across a flat tyre. But usually, you just change it with the spare one. Or even when you don’t have a spare. You can simply call a tow truck to get it to the nearest tyre shop. But what happens when you don’t have these options? What if you’re away from the city on some highway and car services take longer to get to you? The easy way is to fix the puncture yourself. While it might seem like a difficult task, it isn’t. So join us to learn how to fix a puncture yourself. So all you need to do is buy car tyres and then learn to fix them yourself.

How to Know If Your Tyre Has a Puncture

To fix a puncture, you need to know if your tyre has one or not. There are many ways of telling if your tyre has a hole and is leaking air. Knowing it will also help steer your car to a safer place before the tyre goes flat. So, when it happens, you’ll feel like the car is pulling to one side. This is the side of the tyre that is losing air. Moreover, there will be a shudder or a wobble across the car. You’ll be able to feel this wobble the most in the steering. The steering will also become harder to turn. This is a sure way of knowing that your tyre needs attention.

Moreover, if you pay close attention, you’ll be able to hear a ticking noise coming from the tyre. So being sensitive to these little changes in driving can tell you a lot about your tyre health. So slowly steer your car into the last lane and turn on your emergency lights.

Can You Repair a Tyre Yourself

Yes, you can easily fix your tyre if it punctures. But this fix is not a permanent one. It allows you to drive your car for the next couple of hours so you reach help safely. Thus, many cars come with an emergency tyre repair kit. This kit allows you to fix a small prick or puncture of your tyre. It includes a sealant and a compressor. So you can easily plug the hole and then fill your tyre with a hole. But these kits work well for smaller punctures. So, if your tyre has a bigger one, you might need to visit a tyre shop. Or call a tow truck to get your car to one.

Check If Your Puncture is Repairable

When you come across a puncture, you’ll need to know if you can fix that or not. But how can you know that you can save your tyre yourself? There are many times when you can fix the tyre without professional help. Such as if the puncture is in the middle three-quarters of your tyre. This is a quick, easy fix so that you can patch the tyre yourself.

Moreover, if the tyre doesn’t have any previous repairs. Holes smaller than 6mm in size are also easy to repair. But if you have damage to the sidewalls or the shoulders of the tyre. Then, you won’t be able to patch it yourself. It’ll be a really easy fix if your tread is deeper than 1.6mm. This helps as the rubber is in good quality and stays together easily. But remember never to drive your car when the tyre goes flat. It damages the tyre and breaks the inner wire mesh. This ruins the tyre, and a quick fix won’t save your tyre.

What Happens If Your Tyre Doesn’t Repair

Tyre repairs aren’t always so easy to do. But they’re not impossible. With the right tools, almost every tyre can become as good as new. But if your tyre mender has given up on your tyre, then don’t worry. All you need to do is to visit the Central Trading Company in Dubai. You can find our stores across the UAE. So you can easily find us to get a new tyre for your ride. Our professionals know exactly what your car needs. So get the best Tyres Dubai has from us!

Safety of Tyre Punctures

Fixing tyres is a generally safe process. Especially if you’re visiting a professional to get this fix. Many tyre shops use the latest tools and technologies to fix the tyres. As they have to follow the safety rules to make sure tyres remain safe for you to use. Once they find the problem in your tyre, they fix it according to the guidelines. This keeps your safety as the top priority. Thus making sure that you always have a safe ride.

How do tyre sealants work?

Tyre sealants allow you to drive your car even after a puncture. You just need to plug them into the puncture. So they’ll keep the tyre running till you find the nearest pit stop or tyre shop. There are mainly two types of sealants, so let’s find out more about them!

Pre-Puncture Sealant

These sealants work before the puncturing happens. You need to inject them into the tyre. So once your tyre comes across a puncture, this sealant works. It starts plugging in the gap to stop your tyre from losing air. This allows you to keep driving your car without worry. The best time to use this option is when you’re going on a long road trip. As it will make sure that you can enjoy your trip without the worry of a flat tyre.

Post-Puncture Sealant

This sealant works after the tyre punctures. So once you come across a puncture in your tyre. You’ll need to inject this sealant and fill air in your tyre. It will cause the hole to close up. So it allows you to drive to the nearest shop for a fix. While these sealants don’t work with bigger pricks and punctures. But they let you drive even after a small puncture.

Now you know the basics on how to fix your tyre yourself. But if your tyres face a larger puncture, there’s no need to worry. You can simply visit the Central Trading Company in Dubai for a new set today! So visit them to get the best tyre deals in town.

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