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Sandblasting Services for Metal Restoration

Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.

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There is no need to throw away your rusted metal items because we can restore their original look again.


Rusty Lions offers sandblasting services on corroded metal items to remove rust and strip old paint. We can restore your metal components back to their original condition with cost-effective sandblasting.


Our dustless media blasting is also the preferred surface preparation method on metal objects for many customers in NJ. We can sandblast old paint for a fresh powder coating or paint job. Sandblasting is also conducted to obtain the desired result, such as eliminating burrs or removing the mill scale.


Simply put, Rusty Lions specializes in sandblasting all metal items in NEW Jersey.


We can Sandblast a Wide Array of Metal Objects.

At Rusty Lions, we have specialized equipment and extensive experience in sandblasting several metal components, irrespective of their size. We have a sandblast cabinet for small items like grills or rims, while the larger objects are treated at our spacious facility.


Our sandblasting capabilities extend but aren’t limited to the following:


●     Automotive wheels rims

●     Bicycle frames

●     Outdoor furniture

●     Fences

●     Gates

●     Railings

●     Car parts

●     Balustrades

●     Doors windows

●     Beds


The Best Sandblasting Services in NJ

If you’re unsure about sandblasting, get in touch with us and discuss your needs. You may require sandblasting for:


●     Removing rust

●     Removing paint

●     Removing powder coating

●     Removing surface imperfections


We perform sandblasting services at our NJ shop.


Call 347-613-8103 to learn more about our sandblasting services.

Business name- Rusty Lions

 Phone no- 347-613-8103

 Address: 12 Cork Hill Rd Suite 8, Franklin, NJ 07416

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