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Specialists in Sandblasting Services

Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.

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Are you looking to scrub off old paint from your car? Maybe you need to pretreat your items before powder coating them?


Whatever your metal finishing or surface preparation needs, Rusty Lions can fulfill them all. We provide high-quality sandblasting services to remove old paint and rust from your components without damaging the surface. Our specialized shop is fully equipped with the tools for professional sandblasting and powder coating services.


Rusty Lions is a locally owned and operated shop for commercial sandblasting services in NJ. We have a highly trained team and professional equipment that gives us the versatility to complete projects of any size with perfection.


High-quality, Versatile, and safe Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting involves spraying abrasive sand at high pressure and velocity onto a surface. However, it requires professional equipment and expertise to prevent serious damage. Using the wrong media, or even air pressure can damage the surface.


Rusty Lions has a trained team with comprehensive experience in cleaning or refurbishing any kind of surface, including metals. Our knowledgeable team is also accomplished in sandblasting wood, by using the correct techniques and media.


Rusty Lions guarantees the highest quality work with the safest standards. We’re licensed and insured to provide professional sandblasting and metal finishing services in New Jersey.


Turn to the specialists in sandblasting services for your commercial and industrial projects. Call 347-613-8103 to obtain a quote or to discuss your project with us. 


Business name- Rusty Lions LLC

Phone Number- 347-613-8103

Address: 12 Cork Hill Rd Suite 8, Franklin, NJ 07416

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