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Specialty Powder Coating Services in NJ

Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.

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At Rusty Lions, we specialize in large-volume powder coating services for automotive, architectural, and industrial parts. Our extensive facility allows us to provide expedient services with quick turnaround time on all components without hassle. From metal fabrication and pretreatment to powder coating and packaging, Rusty Lions is a full-service metal finishing company that can handle projects of all sizes.

 Rusty Lions strives to offer flawless powder coating services for commercial clients as well as individuals. Our team has decades of combined experience in powder coating and metal fabrication expertise.

 Our Services

Rusty Lions aims to provide a high-quality experience to each client who trusts us for metal finishing services. We possess the technology and expertise to fulfill any size and volume of the project.

 We offer SandBlasting, custom powder coating, architectural powder coating, and nylon and vinyl powder coating.

 ●    Metal Fabrication

We offer on-site metal fabrication for small and large parts. We’re fully equipped for prototyping and laser cutting.

 ●    Pretreatment

We also offer sandblasting as a pretreatment to ensure superior coverage, adhesion, color, and texture of powder coating.

 ●    Powder Coating

Powder coating offers an additional protective layer over your components which makes your parts resistant to scratching, chipping, and corrosion.

 ●    Packaging

We carefully package the parts as per your specifications and ensure scratch-free delivery.

 High-quality Powder Coating Services

We serve industrial, commercial, architectural, and automotive clients with premier powder coating services.


Call 347-613-8103 to discuss your requirements with us.


Business name- Rusty Lions LLC

Phone Number- 347-613-8103

Address: 12 Cork Hill Rd Suite 8, Franklin, NJ 07416

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