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Step by Step Guide on Sun Country Group Booking

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Booking group travel on Sun Country Airlines can be a great way to organize a fun trip for family, friends, or even a business outing. Getting the logistics right for group bookings requires some planning and coordination to ensure everyone is on the same itinerary. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to book group travel with Sun Country Airlines.

How to make a booking or reservation with Sun Country

Follow these steps for a seamless group booking experience with Sun Country:

1. Determine the Size of Your Group

Sun Country Airlines requires a minimum of 10 people to be considered a group booking for domestic flights and 10 people for international flights. The maximum on domestic routes is 110 passengers. Decide how many people will be part of your group and ensure you meet the minimum.

2. Select Your Desired Flights

Browse Sun Country’s website or call their groups reservations department to find flight times and routes that work for your group. All members must travel on the same flights for the entire itinerary. Select departure and return dates and times that accommodate your group’s schedule.

3. Contact the Group Reservations Department

Dial 1-860-374-7569 or email to speak with a Sun Country group travel agent. Be prepared to provide the agent with your desired flights, projected number of passengers, and any other details like names you may already have. The agent will hold and start processing your reservation.

4. Submit Your Passenger Information

Within 3 business days after making your reservation, you must submit the full legal name, date of birth, and gender of each group member to Sun Country. Providing names ahead of time gets the best fares.

5. Pay the Deposit

Sun Country Airlines requires a 10% deposit per reserved seat due within 7 days of making the reservation. This holds the group booking.

6. Make Final Payment

At 60 days prior to departure, full payment is due along with your final passenger headcount. Sun Country will issue electronic tickets and seat assignments around 2 weeks before departure.

7. Manage Additions or Changes

Follow Sun Country’s policies for making any additions or cancellations to your original group booking to avoid extra fees. Informs travelers of baggage fees and travel requirements.

8. Enjoy Your Sun Country Group Trip!

Once final payment is made, you just need to get everyone to the airport on time! Have a wonderful trip with the ease of traveling together on Sun Country Airlines.

Points to keep in mind while you make a group Booking with Sun Country

Here are some key tips for a smooth Sun Country group booking process:

  • Book early as group fares are capacity controlled.
  • Have all attendee names ready when making the reservation whenever possible. Late additions can increase the fare.
  • Select ideal flight times carefully as changes later on will incur fees.
  • Read all fare rules carefully – some group fares may be non-refundable.
  • Request seat assignments together if desired. Not all group fares include pre-assigned seats.
  • Consider group travel insurance to protect against cancellations or changes.
  • Inform attendees of baggage fees – these are not waived for group bookings.
  • Assign a group leader who will be the main contact throughout the booking process.

Group Booking on Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines welcomes group travel bookings for leisure, business, school, sports, religious groups and more. Here are some key details on their group booking policies:

  • Domestic groups must have 10-110 passengers on the same itinerary. 130 is possible with some fare classes.
  • International groups require just 10 people traveling together.
  • Group fares may offer 5-30% discounts off standard published fares. Discounts increase with larger group sizes.
  • A 10% non-refundable deposit per reserved seat is due 7 days after booking.
  • Final payment is due 60 days before departure along with final passenger count.
  • Name changes are allowed up to 60 days before travel for a fee per change.
  • Fare rules determine if group tickets are refundable or non-refundable.
  • Baggage fees, seat assignments, upgrades, and other ancillary fees still apply to group bookings.
  • Groups traveling together are not guaranteed to be seated together, so coordinate this with the airline ahead of time.
  • One group leader should be the main contact for all reservations and coordination.
  • Travel protection like group travel insurance can be useful in case of major cancellations.

With some advanced planning, Sun Country’s group travel booking policies make it convenient for larger parties to travel together seamlessly.

Policy for Group Booking with Sun Country

Sun Country has published policies in place to ensure a streamlined process when booking group travel. Here are some of the key group booking guidelines to be aware of:

  • Group Size – Domestic bookings require 10-110 people. International requires just 10 or more travelers.
  • Deposit – A 10% non-refundable deposit per seat is due within 7 days to hold the reservation.
  • Final Payment – Full payment for all seats is due 60 days before departure along with final headcount.
  • Name Changes – Permitted up to 60 days before travel for a fee per name change.
  • Fare Rules – Group fare classes determine if tickets are refundable or non-refundable.
  • Seating – Advance seat assignments are not guaranteed but can be requested.
  • Baggage Fees – Standard checked baggage and carry-on fees apply to group bookings.
  • Travel Insurance – Highly recommended to protect against cancellations or changes.
  • Group Leader – One main contact should manage all booking details and communication.
  • Itinerary – All passengers must be booked on the same flights for entire trip.

Understanding Sun Country’s group booking policies upfront makes for a smooth reservation process when coordinating travel for larger parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a Sun Country Group booking flight tickets?

To book a group flight on Sun Country Airlines, first determine the size of your group and desired travel dates. Groups must have 10-110 people for domestic flights, or 10+ for international. Then call Sun Country groups at 1-800-359-6786 or email to make a reservation. Be ready with flight details, projected number of passengers, and any names you may already have. A 10% deposit is due in 7 days and final payment at 60 days prior to departure.

Q. How to contact Sun Country for a group booking?

You can reach the Sun Country Airlines group travel department by phone at 1-800-359-6786. For email inquiries, send to Have your desired flights, number of passengers, and any other pertinent details ready when you contact them to make your reservation. A group agent will assist with holding flights and explaining deposit policies.

Q. What are the benefits of Sun country group booking?

The main benefits of booking group travel with Sun Country include:

  • Discounted group fares, usually 5-30% off regular fares
  • Ability to travel together on the same itinerary
  • Convenience of one coordination contact
  • Easier airport experience traveling as a group
  • Special assistance for groups with check-in and boarding
  • One payment for all seats can simplify expenses
  • Flexible policies for additions and changes
  • Fun experience for group events, trips, business travel
Q. How can I cancel the Sun Country group booking ticket?

The ability to cancel Sun Country group tickets depends on the fare rules associated with your booking. Some group fares are non-refundable. For refundable fares, Sun Country’s group department handles all cancellations. Reach out to them by phone or email to request a cancellation and refund. Refund eligibility also depends on the timing of the cancellation relative to the travel dates. Any changes should be made at least 60 days prior if possible to avoid added fees.

Q. Can I book a flight for multiple people in Sun Country?

Yes, Sun Country Airlines allows you to book group travel for multiple passengers on the same itinerary. For domestic flights, group bookings must include 10-110 travelers. For international flights from the U.S., only 10 people are required to be considered a group. All members of the group must be booked on the same flights for the full trip. Contact Sun Country’s dedicated group reservations department to make a booking for your group.

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