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Surrogacy in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide on Surrogacy Agencies in Kenya

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Couples struggling to conceive a baby can consider surrogacy as the best option available with better outcomes in pregnancy. Couples who are looking for surrogacy can research the best surrogacy agencies in Kenya. Why foreigners are choosing surrogacy in Kenya over other countries? The biggest reason is the cost of surrogacy in Kenya is much cheaper than other developed countries. Surrogacy agencies in Kenya are known for their affordable surrogacy options and have helped many childless couples who cannot afford expensive surrogacy treatments. Kenya has emerged as a surrogacy hub for many reasons. But a couple should always research the top surrogacy agencies operating in Kenya to get the best experience.
The best surrogacy process in Kenya is provided by various surrogacy agencies. But the couple should always research about the previous history of the agency. The success rate is also very important before finding a perfect surrogacy clinic in Kenya. At We Care IVF Surrogacy, the couple can get the best treatment including a higher success rate in pregnancy. So what is the exact cost of surrogacy in Kenya? The surrogacy cost in Kenya is between USD 33,000 and USD 40,000. However, the cost of surrogacy in Kenya depends on various critical factors which affect the overall cost. If a couple has faced previous failed IVF cycles then the cost of surrogacy in Kenya can be increased. Surrogacy can become more expensive as compared to other reproductive choices such as ICSI, and IVF. The reason for the increase in the cost of surrogacy in Kenya is that another woman carries and delivers the baby of the intended couple. Also, the expenses of the surrogate mother in Kenya include fertility tests, IVF costs, and reimbursement for the surrogacy process. Gestational surrogacy is the preferred technique which involves using the IVF treatment method.
Surrogacy in Kenya is a multi-stage process that is closely monitored by fertility experts. The surrogacy process in Kenya is performed by an experienced doctor which will increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. The surrogacy method allows intended parents to have a genetically related baby. The best assistance will be given in the surrogacy process in Kenya as per the health and infertility conditions of the intended parents.

What is IVF and what are its procedures?

In the IVF method, the intended parents will provide their eggs and sperm to create an embryo. Even embryo donors are available for surrogacy in Kenya. The healthiest embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother`s uterus as soon as it forms. The surrogate will carry the embryo which will result in the pregnancy. The surrogate will carry the baby for the next nine months in her womb and will provide the necessary nourishment until the delivery. Once the baby is born, the surrogate will hand over the newborn to the intended parents as per the agreement and the paperwork. Medical checkups and examinations will be conducted by the expert to make sure that the surrogate mother and intended parents are in good health. If the surrogate mother in Kenya is facing any medical condition or disorder, it could affect the pregnancy. To get the best possible outcome in the pregnancy, the intended parent`s gametes should be healthy. The legal agreement between the couple and the intended parents will be created to clear up any confusion about the Kenya surrogacy laws. The cost of surrogacy in Kenya will be increased due to the legal agreement and lawyer’s charges. The legal binding will help to ensure a smooth process with advanced stages. The legal agreement includes all necessary details regarding the baby, the intended parents and the surrogate mother which will offer the best possible outcome for all the parties involved.

Here is the detailed procedure for IVF surrogacy:

1. Ovarian stimulation: Before beginning the conception process, the female partner will undergo ovarian stimulation which involves taking fertility medications to boost egg count in the ovaries. The health and maturity of the eggs will be monitored by the specialist. Hormonal injection will be injected as needed. These injections will cause the eggs to be released into the uterus. 
2. Retrieval: The expert will retrieve healthy eggs from the female partner`s ovaries using a vaginal ultrasound, catheter, and a thin needle. These instruments will be inserted inside the vagina and into the uterus of the intended female parent. The needle will be used to remove the eggs containing follicles which will be collected from outside the female`s uterus and the vagina. A healthy semen sample will be collected from the intended male parent. A sperm retrieval technique will be used in which a healthy sperm will be extracted if the male partner is not able to give the sperm through ejaculation.
3. Insemination: The expert will fertilize healthy sperm and eggs which is done in a lab using advanced technologies. The expert will place the intended parent’s gametes on a petri dish for the mixing. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) technique is used to fertilize the eggs which involves injecting healthy sperm into each mature egg.
4. Implantation: After the eggs are fertilized, the specialist will monitor and later select the most developed embryo for the implantation procedure. To implant the fertilized eggs into the surrogate mother`s uterus, a catheter and ultrasound will be used. Two weeks after implantation, a pregnancy test will be performed to confirm blood test outcomes.
5. After conception: The expert will recommend intended parents look after the surrogate mother for the next nine months. The intended parents are advised to provide every need to the surrogate mother in Kenya which includes advanced medical care, regular checkups and examinations. The surrogate mother in Kenya will deliver a healthy baby either by vaginal delivery or cesarean section.

Who is a surrogate mother in Kenya? What does a surrogate mother cost in Kenya?

If the intended parents are looking for surrogacy in Kenya, they need a surrogate mother who will carry the baby in her womb until delivery. It is advised to choose an option from a list of reputed surrogacy clinics in Kenya as it will give higher pregnancy chances. Surrogacy agencies operating in Kenya can be costly if the intended parents are facing issues with fallopian tubes. It is very important to research the right surrogate mother who is healthy, young and has no history of hereditary or genetic diseases. She should not be a smoker, alcoholic or drug addict as this will affect the health of the baby as well. It is also important that she has previous pregnancy or surrogacy experience.
The cost of surrogate mother in Kenya depends on several stages. Choosing the right surrogate mother for a perfect match is the first step. Surrogacy agencies operating in Kenya can help in finding the perfect surrogate match that will meet your requirements. So what is the cost of surrogate mother in Kenya? A surrogate mother in Kenya will be more affordable than in other major developed countries, ranging from USD 35,000 and USD 40,000. The cost of surrogate mother includes legal fees, IVF cycle, and other expenses like food, travelling, accommodation, clothing, medications and tests.

Is the surrogacy procedure in Kenya legal?

Kenya surrogacy law has no legal structure which opens surrogacy treatment for overseas individuals, Kenyan couples, single-sex couples, and even for same-sex couples. The lack of proper legal rules and regulations has opened the gates for the couples to achieve their dream of becoming parents. As a result, an increasing number of couples from developed countries are now travelling to get surrogacy in Kenya due to the affordability of the treatment. Surrogacy agencies in Kenya will take care of the legal requirements between the intended parents and the surrogate mother to ensure that surrogacy in Kenya is done legally without any future problems.
Kenya is a country that offers affordable surrogacy treatment. Kenya also allows legal commercial surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in Kenya will be increased after agreement and documentation between all parties involved. It is also very important to research the legal procedures of surrogacy before proceeding to avoid any later issues. After the delivery, the surrogate mother in Kenya doesn`t have any legal bindings with the child as there is no genetic or biological link in between.


The cost of surrogacy in Kenya can vary depending on several reasons and the couple should always research and even compare different surrogacy agencies in Kenya to find the best among them according to their needs. Surrogacy cost in Kenya ranges between USD 33,000 and USD 40,000 which is affordable compared to other developed or developing countries. The surrogacy cost in Kenya depends on various factors including the cause of infertility of the couple, previous failed IVF cycles, travelling and accommodation, etc. It is advisable to choose from a list of reputed surrogacy clinics in Kenya to get the best results in pregnancy. The overall cost of surrogate mothers in Kenya ranges between USD 35,000 and USD 40,000. The cost of a surrogate mother in Kenya can be increased with the additional requirements which include examination medications, and legal agreements. Surrogacy agencies in Kenya will help to find a suitable surrogate mother for the intended parents.

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