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‘Suwon Job’ coach Kim Hyun-Seok confesses shock

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Head coach Kim Hyun-seok shared a shocking story.

Chungnam Asan FC defeated Suwon Samseong 1-0 in the 14th round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at Yi Sunshin Sports Complex at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 21. With the victory, Chungnam Asan is in seventh place with four wins, five draws and four losses (17 points), while Suwon is in fifth place with six wins, one draw and seven losses (19 points).

The match was all Chungnam Asan. Chungnam Asan had the decisive chance early on. Jang Ho-ik’s mistake was capitalized on by Kang Min-kyu, but his shot hit the post. A change of scenery occurred in Suwon. Kazuki was sent off for elbowing, leaving Suwon outnumbered. Chungnam Asan then took control of the game. Chungnam Asan continued to attack, but they were repeatedly blocked by Suwon’s defense. In the fourth minute of second-half stoppage time, Hwang Ki-wook scored a theatrical goal to give Chungnam Asan the victory.

After the game, “This is great. Thank you to the players. It feels good to have a good result with a good mindset. Thank you, coach, thank you to the players. I emphasized to the players that from the second round robin we will take big steps. I feel like I’m going to fly. When I took charge of the team, I dreamed of beating Suwon, and now that it’s a reality, it still doesn’t feel real. I think I’ll sleep well tonight,” he said.

Coach Kim Hyun-seok made a shocking statement. He had the intention to resign as head coach. He said, “I actually announced my intention to resign to the president after losing the previous game against Gimpo FC. I told the club that I would step down at any time if I felt that I was not capable as a coach. However, the president told me that I should finish the season.”

Chungnam Asan finished 10th last season. Under Kim Hyun-seok, Chungnam Asan played an attacking style of soccer. However, they were unable to produce results and remained in ninth place until this game. “I think soccer is a game where teams are strong and weak, and when you 바카라사이트 start the league, you have to produce results,” said Kim Hyun-seok.

“I was confident even though I was a novice coach, and I started with the determination to quit if I didn’t get results, so I thought I had to take responsibility as a coach after the first round robin. I thought about it, but the president and the manager said no, so I thought I had to regroup and focus on the league, and I think I got good results because of that,” he added.

The general consensus is that a new head coach needs time to settle into a new team. However, Kim Hyun-seo had a different opinion. “When you take charge of a team, you have to take responsibility and lead the players. If you can’t put tactics on the players, you have to take responsibility, and if you don’t get results, you can take responsibility early, whether it’s for a long or short period of time,” he said.

After the victory, Kim Hyun-seok, who announced his resignation to the club, will now focus on Chungnam Asan. “I will no longer have any thoughts of resigning,” said Kim Hyun-seok. I will try again with my mind set on helping Chungnam Asan achieve good results until the end of the season. I will forget about the past and focus on the upcoming matches,” he emphasized.

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