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The Dos and Don’ts of Naming Your Baby

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Choosing your baby’s name is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a new parent. It’s what they’ll answer to for the rest of their life, carry on official documents, and quite literally puts your stamp on an entire human being! No pressure, right?

While the process should ultimately be fun, there are some important dos and don’ts to consider when choosing name for babies. From trendy pitfalls to unexpected obstacles, this guide will help you navigate the wonderful (and wonderfully confusing) world of baby naming. Let’s dive in!

Do Think Long-Term

A name that’s adorable for a cuddly newborn may not have the same charm twenty years down the road. Always ask yourself: is this a name they can grow into as a senior professional? Or will they constantly be explaining that “Cutiepie” is, in fact, their real legal name?

Similarly, aim for versatility over quirkiness. Pun names (Lemonjello, Barbie Cupp) or those tied to cultural moments (Khaleesi, Renesmee) can quickly feel dated. Your child will appreciate a moniker built to last.

Don’t Forget About Initials

Want to avoid any elementary school ridicule? Do a mock spelling of your baby’s full name to test out those pesky initials. F.A.R.T. Smith or D.O.A. Jones may not be the vibe you’re going for.

And speaking of spacing things out, be wary of rhyming names for babies too. Naming someone Billy Fillmore is just asking for a lifetime of taunting.

Do Mind Other Meanings

Before falling for a beautiful name, do some cultural cross-checking. You’d hate to learn that the Irish name you adore is simultaneously an ethnic slur in another language community.

Similarly, try looking up definitions and doing simple Google searches around any name you’re considering. That way you can rule out any unintentionally hilarious, inappropriate, or problematic backstories before officially naming your kid “Fanny Pack” or “Cletus the Fetus.” Trust us, they’ll thank you later.

Don’t Totally Disregard Trends

While totally rejecting every trendy name is one approach, being too averse to what’s popular can inadvertently land you in “Yuneeke” baby name territory. There’s often a reason why certain classics rise to the top!

Instead, aim to strike a balance between trendy and traditional with your moniker selections. For example, Emma is a modern fave, but also an established, timeless pick. Or take a commonplace name and make it a bit more distinctive with an unexpected spelling like “Madysyn.”

Do Factor in Nicknames

Speaking of spellings, think about how the desired name for babies will work when inevitably shortened to nicknames or initials. You may be envisioning a strong name like “Samantha,” only for everyone to wind up calling your kid the cringe-y “Sam-Sam.”

Similarly, keep your child’s future “grown-up” abbreviated name in mind. “Mike Hunt” may have been a regretful professional email signature for one poor soul.

Don’t Make it Wacky Just For Fun

Sure, the idea of baby “Bacon Shakespeare” or “Fuzzberta” may crack you up now. But please, have some mercy on your future child! Remember, this name could one day appear on resumes, business cards, and beyond.

While a bit of quirkiness is fine, it’s generally wise to keep your baby’s name relatively grounded and pronounceable to avoid any embarrassment or constant correction down the line. Novel spellings are often more trouble than they’re worth.

Do Round Out the Whole Name

While the first names for babies obviously get most of the focus, don’t forget to step back and look at the full package – first, middle, and last. See how all the names flow together and if any unintentionally rhyme, sound off, or spell out something weird.

For instance: Bernice Olivia Green or Norman Michael Hunt are probably names you’d rethink! A good full name should roll off the tongue smoothly, without weird pauses or emphasis on any one jarring part.

Don’t Just Wing It

Naming a human is undoubtedly one of the biggest responsibilities new parents face, so be sure to put adequate thought and discussion into this lifelong choice. Don’t just go with the first random idea you blurt out!

A few tactics that can help:

  • Look at name meanings, origins, and popularity ranking
  • Say names out loud to test the cadence
  • See how it looks written out
  • Get impartial third-party feedback
  • Try temporary nicknames when referring to your unborn baby

Taking your time and being strategic now can prevent a whole lot of regret (and costly legal name changes) in the future.

At the end of the day, the most important litmus test is to go with your gut and heart on what simply feels “right.” There’s no universally perfect name for your child! So have fun, trust your intuition, and try not to stress too much. After all, your little one will probably just make up their own quirky nickname anyway.

Down to the Wire: Unique Ways to Finalize Name for Babies

Even after months of brainstorming and lists, you may still be struggling to land on The One when baby’s due date finally rolls around. Hey, no sweat! When push comes to shove (sometimes literally), here are some unconventional routes parent shave taken:

Baby Naming Contests

Need an outside perspective? Some parents crowdsource finalists and let friends, family or even total strangers vote to collectively choose the name! For a small fee, non-profits supporting maternal journey like Baby Namy will run full interactive “baby name donations” campaigns to secure your little one’s identity while generating a little community buzz.

Wait for a Sign

From meaningful symbology in the delivery room to drawing ‘lucky’ names from a hat, some families ultimately go with a spontaneous, spiritually-guided gut instinct when seeing their newborn for the first time. You could even base the name off your baby’s Plastic Pal and first stuffed toy!

Use the Birth circumstances

Taking inspiration from details like birth time, location, weight or even weather conditions, some parents derive super unique and sentimental names commemorating their baby’s arrival circumstances. “DesMoines” or “RainRiley” anyone?


At the end of the day, as long as it isn’t offensive or harmful, a thoughtfully chosen name for baby – however untraditional or popular – can reflect your family’s creativity and special story. So don’t be afraid to get a little unconventional! Just make sure baby has plenty of good nickname options.

Ready to get the baby naming juices flowing with a fun, community-driven campaign? Visit us at Baby Namy, a reliable non-profit supporting maternal journey, to launch your very own baby names funding contest today!

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