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The Parent’s Supportive Role in Daycare and Preschool Education

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Fontana is a beautiful city in San Bernardino County, California. It is known for its numerous cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunities. Leaps and Bounds is a preschool in California that has branches in some of the state’s cities, such as Escondido, La Puente, and Fontana. This Daycare in Fontana is ideal for your children since it provides all the necessary education and teaching. 

Our school, Leaps and Bounds, has qualities that can make your child’s future adventurous and bright. Our Infant Care Fontana Preschool helps your child thrive, but when your child is too young, your mind does not agree to send your child to a school far from home. But Leaps and Bounds assure the security of each child that comes there. If you’re a parent, you can set your mind at peace by knowing your child is in safe and good hands. The Leaps and Bounds school is quite reliable. We also help in preparing your child for kindergarten. 

As a parent, your priority towards your child would be teaching basic manners and etiquette, enhancing language, and giving some basic worldly knowledge to make them eligible for kindergarten. Leaps and Bound help you all through it. We have different teachers for children of different ages with various requirements. If you enrol your child in Leaps and Bounds, we will take full responsibility for your child. From enrolling them in kindergarten to enhancing their physical and emotional abilities, Leaps and Bounds take care of everything.

Why Should You Choose Leaps And Bounds? 

The Leaps and Bounds Preschool Fontana is based on a fivefold path that leads your child to physical, mental and academic development. The stages are: 

  1. Proper Development: Your priority as a parent is teaching your child basic manners and etiquette, such as how to behave, respect, eat properly, and have courtesy. All of these are taught in Leaps and Bounds. We take total responsibility for your children. 
  2. Prepare For Kindergarten: There are many preschools, but the difference between a conventional preschool and Leaps and Bounds is that conventional preschools are limited to preschools. At the same time, Leaps and Bounds include a kindergarten plus preschool. We prepare our children to enrol in kindergarten. 
  3. Skills Development: Leaps and Bounds offers different physical activities to maintain children’s health. They are engaged in activities such as sports and play. Besides physical activities, we engage your children in many other curriculums that will develop mental well-being. They learn to make friends, recite poems, interact with each other, draw, etc.
  4. Emotion Management: Leaps and Bounds School helps your children with emotional support. Children often fear interacting with others, speaking publicly, or performing anything outside their safe place. Leaps and Bounds teach your children that school can be a safe place for them, and they would love to come here. 
  5. Self-care: Self-care is the last stage when your kids finally learn to self-care. They can take care of themselves after going to school and learn to become more independent. 

These are the fivefold paths that will lead your children to independence. School should be a place to learn everything and gradually become independent, not only for knowledge and academics. Leaps and Bounds welcomes your children to our safe place for a bright and better future.

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