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Top 15 Shopify Stores in India Excelling in 2024

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Being an all-in-one ecommerce platform with more than 2.1 million daily active users globally, Shopify is helping many businesses in establishing a strong online presence. Whether you want to create a website for your ecommerce brand or want to revive the existing design, Shopify works wonderfully. This blog highlights top 15 Shopify stores in India which can be a great inspiration if you are looking to sell your products online. 

The list of best Shopify stores will surely be appealing to all the beginners and to those in the middle of their ecommerce business journey.

All these Shopify stores are very well known for offering excellent products, high quality customer service, and a flawless online shopping experience.    

Why should businesses choose Shopify?

Being an all-in-one eCommerce platform, Shopify is fueling businesses of all sizes to start, grow, and market their online stores proficiently.

Shopify gives a desired appearance and functionality of your website to the users that they will surely fall in love with! With this ecommerce tool, businesses can create an impressive online store, market products and services to customers, and receive payments from anywhere.

Moreover, Shopify offers several third-party apps and plugins which allows businesses to put in additional functionality to their online stores.

So, don’t miss out on these top Shopify stores in India if you want to notice an exceptional change.

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The list of top 15 Shopify stores in india

Shopify Store Category
Boat Consumer Electronics
Lakme Face and Body Care
LensKart Vision Care/Eyewear
Westside Women’s Clothing
NurseryLive Gardening
Heads Up For Tails Pet Products
Bombay Shaving Company Personal Care and Grooming
Two Brothers Organic Farm Agriculture
Royal Enfield Motorcycle
Femella Women Clothing
Vahdam Teas Food and Beverages
Bummer Clothing and Apparel
Suta Women’s Clothing
No Broker’s Furniture Home Furnishing
Vedix Hair Care

Top Shopify Stores in India

1. Boat



With its fantastic range of wireless earphones, headphones, and home audio, Boat has become the favourite brand for many. It is no. 1 earwear audio brand of India and 5th largest wearables brand globally since December 2020.

The use of minimum colour schemes, black backdrop, and pop of colour together makes Boat’s website and products eye-catching. With its simple design, they showcase all the products transparently making it a browser friendly for users. 

Moreover, all of the customer support functions on this top Shopify Store are easily accessible to users which makes the customer journey successful. 

By utilizing several Shopify collections, BOAT is maximizing sales and achieving new milestones every day. Shopify when combined with Konigle allows to make discounted products more easily visible, tempt the customers with a countdown timer, and successfully promote with email/SMS campaigns. 

2. Lakme



Lakme is the most famous beauty and cosmetics brand of India preferred by many women since many years. With the growing digitalization, the brand is touching new heights every day.

With Shopify’s latest feature of giving virtual experience to the customers, it has become easy to try products from webcams or uploaded images. Their WhatsApp support feature also enhances personalized user experience.

Moreover, the product images and the colour combinations applied throughout the website entices users to buy products making them happy and returning customers. This is the best Shopify store in India with an incredible ecommerce store.

3. LensKart



This is India’s famous eyewear retail chain having around 1500 omnichannel stores across the country. LensKart is India’s best online shop for sunglasses, contact lenses, eyeglasses, and accessories. It offers personalized shopping experience for varied preferences of men, women as well as kids. 

With the best Shopify features ranging from customizable store design, easy payment integration, and around the clock customer support, LensKart is presenting an unmatched experience to its users.

LensKart’s instinctive menu is divided into several categories that eases customer navigation on this top Shopify store. This wonderful Shopify website also provides detailed descriptions of all the products and transparent customer reviews which helps with informed decisions about buying products. 

4. Westside



To explore a wide range of clothing, beauty products, footwear, and bags, Westside is one of the top Shopify stores in India. They have several products for men, women and kids presented in a very attractive manner and with easy navigation.

With Shopify’s platform, Westside is giving an extraordinary shopping experience for its customers. Their ecommerce store has high-quality images and easy navigation that helps to see the products up close before making a purchase. Besides, clear product descriptions inform the customers about the product helping them with buying decisions.

The marketing tools offered by Shopify store have various features including discount coupons, gift cards and much more. Westside beautifully uses these features to generate leads and maximize growth.

5. NurseryLive



NurseryLive is one of the most popular brands in India’s online gardening market that sells nursery plants, seeds, fertilizers, bulbs, pots, pebbles, planters and other gardening accessories.

This Shopify website is very smooth, attractive, and user-friendly where customers can easily get what they want for an outshining garden. More importantly, Shopify focuses on fast loading time that ensures smooth and fast operation of your online store which makes it the preferred choice by NurseryLive.

6. Heads Up For Tails



This is the best online pet store for all your needs of pet supplies and pet products. Its colourful and cute graphics are very welcoming and joyful for all the pet lovers. Even if they have an extensive menu, the navigation is very simple and intuitive. 

The Heads Up For Tails Shopify store in India has incorporated tips, reviews, and other useful information that guides users throughout the website.

To ease your search, there is a support link on the website that takes you to their WhatsApp customer chat service where you get instant help. This feature may increase website conversions by up to 20% as it is very helpful to the users. 

(WebMaxy can guide you to leverage this feature for your brand so that you get better results) 

7. Bombay Shaving Company



Being India’s most popular brand for men’s grooming products, this Shopify website in India has the best user-friendly interface. The Bombay Shaving Company’s Shopify store has big and bold banners running across the home page that helps quickly know about each of their offerings.

The website has large images and detailed product descriptions that result in very well-designed product pages. The ‘related products’ section and ‘top 5 products’ within the category can help users explore more as per their interest.

All these Shopify features make the buying experience on this ecommerce store very quick and easy.  

8. Two Brothers Organic Farms



This Indian Shopify store is a certified organic farm run by two brothers and it showcases several products including desi cow ghee, organic processed food, moringa powder, natural sweeteners, and a range of other organic food products. Two Brothers Organic Farm (TBOF) promotes alternate solutions to the problems related to agriculture, chemical free food, soil fertility, and a sustainable lifestyle.

TBOF ecommerce store is designed in such a way that its appearance and functionality is matchless where all the products are listed very neatly. Product images and product names are self-explanatory that makes users choose products easily.     

In this way, an easy to understand and simple to navigate interface of TBOF’s Shopify website brings in more leads and helps drive more revenue for them. All thanks to impressive Shopify features which gives an excellent experience to the customers.

9. Royal Enfield



The iconic motorcycles of Royal Enfield brand give riders a unique experience of driving.In no doubt, their Shopify store is designed so deliberately that users get an excellent experience of exploring the store online. 

For the safety and comfort of riders on the road, this famous motorcycle brand also offers a range of motorcycle gear and accessories including safe jackets, helmets, gloves, and bags etc.

This store has an extraordinary design with the dark colors and perfect fonts that presents product fun and quality together. All the pages are designed in such a way that they give an impression of adventure to the riders.

The blog section of this ecommerce store shares valuable information about motorcycles, riding tips, and stories from other riders which helps create community.

10. Femella



This renowned fashion brand showcases a broad range of clothing for women through their Shopify store. Customers can conveniently shop for their favorite Femella products with an easy to navigate menu and a search bar.

This Shopify website in India has a clean, bright and modern appearance where it lists the latest collections and bestsellers on the home page. The large images and detailed product descriptions along with specific features and materials makes the overall store very intuitive. 

11. Vahdam Teas

Vahdam Teas


They offer a variety of high-quality teas directly sourced from Indian tea growers for over 80 years. On Vahdam Teas’ Shopify store you can experience the natural goodness of its products with the playful colours and motifs of its ingredients.

To enhance customer experience, they have a tea subscription service in which customers can select curated teas which then will be delivered directly to customers’ doors regularly. This is perfect for tea lovers who like to explore new flavors and varieties of tea.

12. Bummer



This popular D2C brand was featured in the first season of Shark Tank India. On Bummer’s Shopify store, you can look for trendy and fashionable underwear designs. The ecommerce brand focuses on comfort and sustainability and sticking to it they deliver products with soft, sustainable, and high-quality materials. 

The Shopify platform helps them sell better by attaining insights into the costs of marketing, logistics, and profit margins. Bummer presents a great customer experience while focusing on the optimization of their operations to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

13. Suta



Suta is a fashion house in Mumbai that works with more than 17000 weavers and artisans. They believe in using sustainable fabrics and hence getting popular day by day. With the correct mix of unique handmade fabrics they design classic and creative saree silhouettes, dresses, and blouses. 

Their Shopify store is built in a classic way that entices women out there to buy with an ease. Their products are styled on the website to give perfect customer satisfaction. 

14. NoBroker’s Furniture

NoBroker’s Furniture


This ecommerce brand works best for those who are looking to rent furniture rather than buying. This Shopify website in India showcases curated furniture to suit your needs. 

NoBroker’s Furniture brand has a very informative and helpful menu from which you can easily browse the store. Their best money-saving deals displayed at the centre just makes the users wow! To provide a homely feel, they use a soothing colour palette design and a live chat support to help you right there.

15. Vedix



The product list of Vedix includes customized hair care, skincare & immunity products formulated by Ayurvedic doctors who consider your unique doshas for the same. 

The website is very informative and educates people about doshas before they buy any product. They provide all the options for customization very neatly so that users choose the correct product.

Top Shopify stores in india: Revenue and visitors

Brand Name Revenue in INR Monthly Visitors
Boat 16.6 bn – 41.5 bn 6.8M
Lakme 20.2 bn – 30.6 bn 44.3K
LensKart 831 mn – 1246 mn 5.7M
Westside 8.3 bn – 16.6 bn 1.6M
NurseryLive 415 mn – 831 mn 763.6K
Heads Up For Tails 4.1 bn – 6.2 bn 432.3K
Bombay Shaving Company 37.70 Cr -99.93 Cr 2.776M
Two Brothers Organic Farm 45.1 Cr – 45.65 Cr 219.8K
Royal Enfield 831 mn – 1246 mn 19.31M
Femella 1 Cr – 100 Cr
Vahdam Teas 200 Cr- 204 Cr 466.4K
Bummer 1.57 bn – 1.66 bn 418.2K
Suta 1 Cr – 2 Cr 1.703M
No Broker’s Furniture 349.7K
Vedix 150 Cr – 160 Cr 1.650M

How to make your Shopify store supercool?

All these Shopify stores in India follow a customer-centric design approach and focus highly on user experience which makes them stand apart. They provide a simple and pleasant shopping experience over an aggressive marketing or complex design.

Just with the basic branding and ease of navigation, these brands are riding faster in the market.However, to make your Shopify store supercool you will have to harness the power of automation for your customer support service. There are many areas in which you can use an AI chatbot to achieve ultimate success.

  • To assist customers in their online shopping journey
  • To guide them towards higher spending decisions
  • To build brand and enhance customer loyalty
  • To reduces cart abandonment rate

How to make your Shopify store supercool?

All these Shopify stores in India follow a customer-centric design approach and focus highly on user experience which makes them stand apart. They provide a simple and pleasant shopping experience over an aggressive marketing or complex design.

Just with the basic branding and ease of navigation, these brands are riding faster in the market.

However, to make your Shopify store supercool you will have to harness the power of automation for your customer support service. There are many areas in which you can use an AI chatbot to achieve ultimate success.

To Summarize

Shopify has greatly transformed the process of buying and selling in India and hence it has become one of the fast-expanding e-commerce platforms. More importantly, as it presents a broad range of features and benefits, it is becoming a favourite choice for entrepreneurs looking to start an online business. Also, people are more aware about its benefits and choose it as their preferred platform. 

At WebMaxy, we assist you to start and implement your own Shopify store in India with a plethora of experienced specialists and developers. They are always ready to support you in every milestone on the path of creating your online store. Opt for our adept Shopify store development services today!

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Top Shopify Stores in India FAQs

  • What is Shopify and how does it work?

Ans. – Shopify is a renowned all-in-one eCommerce platform that is helping many businesses not only set up a strong online presence but also grow it effectively.

It consists of extensive features ranging from customizable store design, marketing tools, easy payment integration, to around the clock customer support. Many businesses choose Shopify to sell their products online over the other ecommerce platforms.

On Shopify, businesses can create and manage online stores, sell their products through several sales channels such as social media and marketplaces. 

  • Which is the best store on Shopify globally?

There are multiple ecommerce stores on Shopify which create their own version of change through commerce. Here is the list of some of the best stores on Shopify from several domains:

  • Hiut Denim Co. (Clothing and Fashion)

  • Uppercase magazine (Art and home decor)

  • MakerGear (Electronics and gadget)
  • United By Blue (Jewellery and accessories) 
  • Partake Foods (Food and drink)
  • The Honey Pot (Beauty and health)

  1. How do I find top shopify stores in India?

To find top-performing Shopify stores, just dig into popular eCommerce websites, explore related industry news, and follow influencers who often highlight successful Shopify stores. Besides, you can use the ‘’ method given below that helps to find top Shopify stores.

First, go to website and then put, which is the IP address of Shopify’s official website.

After that, simply click on ‘Other Sites on IP‘. Scroll down and you’ll get a list of hundreds of thousands of stores built on Shopify’s domain. As they are ranked in order of the website’s popularity, you can easily figure out the top shopify stores in India. 

  1. What are some examples of successful Shopify stores in India?

Below are some examples of profitable ecommerce businesses that carved their own way to success. 

  • Bummer

  • Headphone Zone

  • Heads Up for Tails

  • Durex India

  • Westside

  • Nursery Live

  • Lenskart

  • The Himalaya Drug Company

  • Fabriclore

  • Cubelelo

The success of these Shopify stores in India can be attributed to several key factors that have contributed to their rapid growth.

  1. What are the top Shopify stores in India for inspiration?

Shopify is growing in India with many businesses choosing to use the platform to establish their online presence and reach a wider audience. So, the below list of top Shopify stores in India is good for inspiration.

  • Bombay Shaving Company

  • Femella

  • TeaBox

  • Bummer

  • No Nasties+

  • Vahdam Teas

  • Headphone Zone 

  • Royal Enfield

  • mCaffeine

  • Heads Up for Tails

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