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what happens if you are not happy with insurance car repairs?

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If you have a car, you need to have car insurance too, so that any unlikely damages or issues can be fixed by the insurance company free of cost. When you meet an accident or if something bad happens with your prized asset. You can rest assured that your car insurer will come and help you at least financially. Whenever something unfortunate happens with your car, the first thing you must do is to file a claim with your insurance company. After some investigation, they may approve your claim and pay for your car repairs. But have you ever thought what will happen if you are not happy with insurance car repairs? We will try to tell you about your options here. It is always good to choose high-quality companies for doing your car insurance in the best possible manner.

Let the Insurance Company Know

The first thing you must do is to call your car insurance company and let them know that you are not happy with insurance car repairs done by them. Try to call their customer care center. Ask politely if they can send someone at your place and have a look at the vehicle. By doing this, you can let them know that you are not satisfied with their service. And you are giving them a chance to rectify the issue. If they are professional and value their customers, they will definitely fix an appointment with you. Then they do their best to resolve your problem. Your insurance company gets 45 days to give you a written response.

Lodge a complaint

  • If your car insurance company does to respond satisfactorily or if it refuses to fix your problem. Then the next step you can take is to lodge a complaint with the Internal Dispute Resolution department of your state.
  • Contact details of this department can be searched through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. While filing your complaint, make sure you clearly mention the reasons why you are not happy with insurance car repairs. what you need to be done. Also, mention that you informed your insurance company about this but they did not listen.
  •  However, make sure that you have solid reasons to be unsatisfied with the repairs and show them that the repair was of poor quality. If AFCA is convinced with your complaint, the insurance company would be legally obliged to perform the needed repairs.

Go to the court if the insurance-related matter is not solved

  • If the insurance company still does not listen, or if AFCA is not convinced with the reasons why you are not happy with insurance car repairs, then you still have the option to go to the court and file a legal case.
  • Many times, a legal notice is enough to drag the insurance company at your doorstep. However, you need to give some solid ground to your case with the right arguments, evidence, and proofs.
  • Always get legal help to file your case. But remember, pursuing this method may be lengthy and may cost you much more than the cost of the repairs.
  • So, most people go to the court only to harass the insurers, and not to get their repairs done.

So, here are your options if you are not happy with insurance car repairs. If you have car insurance and if you are paying your insurance premiums regularly, then it is your right to get your repairs done by your insurer. The politest step would be to let the insurer know that you are not happy with insurance car repairs and request them to fix the issue.

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