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What Is The Difference Between A Touchless And A Touch Car Wash?

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Many kinds of Car Washes in Calgary and worldwide are on the market, and you should consider what’s best for your vehicle before settling on one. Touch and Touchless Car Wash are two standard options. They may both get the outside of your car looking clean, but their approaches and the damage they might do are quite different. So that you can make a well-informed selection, let’s compare touchless car washes with touch car washes.

The Essential Differences Between Touchless and Touch Car Washes

Touchless and Touch Car Wash are two ways mentioned in this blog. Each has pros and downsides of its own. Below is a summary of the main distinctions between the two:

Touchless Vehicle Wash:


Method for Cleaning:

A touchless car wash cleans the outside of the vehicle without touching it, using only high-pressure water jets and certain detergents. Scratches and swirl marks are less likely to occur since the cleaning equipment does not come into direct touch with the surface of the car.


  • It won’t harm any paint job, whether delicate or unique.
  • It protects paint against brushes and other abrasive objects to a lesser extent.
  • A touchless car wash Calgary loves (and elsewhere) is excellent for those always on the go because it cleans cars quickly and easily.
  • It removes dirt, grime, and surface pollutants effectively.
  • It may be better than using your hands to remove sticky grime and filth.



  • Waxing and polishing are extra services that some touchless vehicle washes need to provide.
  • Because they need specific tools, touchless vehicle washes are only sometimes available.

Touch Car Wash:

Method for Cleaning:

Abrasive cleaning materials like brushes, rags, or foam pads that come into direct contact with the vehicle’s surface are used in touch car washes. Often attached to moving arms or belts, these parts may come into contact with the car during washing.


  • It offers a comprehensive exterior car wash, including the tough spots.
  • Extras like undercarriage cleaning, waxing, and polishing are available in this method.
  • Have the potential to outperform touchless approaches when it comes to cleaning tough dirt, filth, and pollutants.
  • Available in a wide variety of vehicle washes, both automated and self-service.


  • Brushes and other abrasive objects risk paint damage, particularly to delicate or bespoke paint finishes.
  • Equipment must be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid swirl marks and scratches.
  • You may have to get a different method for specific vehicles, particularly if they have customized or fragile surfaces.


Overall, the cleaning process and the possibility of damage to your car’s paint are the key distinctions between touchless and touch car washes. A touchless car wash Calgary residents choose (and elsewhere) uses high-pressure water jets and detergents to clean the outside of a vehicle without physically touching it. It makes them ideal for vehicles with fragile paint finishes. However, touch car washes are more likely to harm the paint on your vehicle since they utilize brushes or clothes that touch the surface of your car directly. Considerations including your vehicle’s paint finish, personal preference for efficiency and ease of use, and proximity to car wash facilities should be considered while deciding between touchless and touch car washes.



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