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What is the Powder Coating Cost in NJ?

Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.

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Powder coating is a metal finishing method that is used to enhance the life and aesthetic appeal of metal components. From architectural items like railings and balustrades to automotive components like rims, wheels, and frames, powder coating is widely used across various niches and industries. 

 If you’re looking to protect your items and want to know the powder coating cost in NJ, we’re here to help. 

 What Affects the Powder Coating Cost?

The cost of powder coating depends on several factors. While the size and number of objects are the prime considerations, there are also other factors like total surface area, powder used, labor charges, etc. 

·        Size of Components

The larger the component, the more powder will be used. As the surface area increases, your powder coating costs rise. 

·        Number of Components

Large-volume orders require more powder and manpower. 

·        Color & Texture

Some colors are rare and some textures like matte and chrome are pricier than the rest. A unique color or specialty texture may cause the price of the project to go up. 

·        Labor

The cost of manpower is calculated on a per-hour basis, which can be broken down based on the production volume for an approximate price per part. 

 Labor costs include per-hour wages of supervisors, quality control experts, sprayers, and other people involved in the project. Variable labor costs like insurance, taxes, training, and protective gear may also add to the overall prices. 

·        Fixed Costs

Fixed costs include factors that are beyond the production rate. These may include rent, maintenance of the facility, additional services, etc. 

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