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What Is the Role of the Literature Review in Your Dissertation Proposal?

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A dissertation proposal is one such document that is meant to provide an overview of your potential research paper. A student can only proceed to a certain research study if the proposal gets approved by the faculty. There are various conditions that are considered before approving any dissertation proposal. These conditions might vary from considering ethical principles to looking into the feasibility of the intended research methods. So; before you think of getting dissertation help UK, you can put your best foot forward in your proposal preparation. 


You must provide a clear snapshot of your project in the proposal if you want to leave a good impression on the advisor and need instant approval from the faculty. Each section of a dissertation proposal is equally important including the literature review section. The role of a literature review section along with its method of writing will be discussed in detail in the following post. 

Main Sections Of A Dissertation Proposal:

A dissertation proposal, just like a dissertation project is comprised of multiple sections. Even though; the length of these sections is far shorter than that of an actual project still, they hold the utmost importance in a student’s academic life. The total length of a dissertation proposal must not proceed beyond 15 pages and you are meant to cover all the essential details within those pages. By getting an online dissertation proposal writing service from professionals, you can get all the important elements incorporated into your content. The main sections of a dissertation proposal include:


    • Introduction.
    • Aims and objectives.
  • Literature review.
  • Methodology.
  • Ethical considerations.
  • Limitations.
  • Time frame.
  • Conclusion. 


Each of these sections has an individual purpose and elements that must be met through meticulous crafting.

Role Of Literature Review In Your Dissertation Proposal:

As the name implies; this is the section where the existing literature in the related field is reviewed by the researcher. The role of a literature review in a dissertation proposal is similar to that in a dissertation project. However; the difference arises in the length and depth of the sections. 

  • It is the literature review that strengthens your research objectives. 
  • You get to understand the existing debates in a similar research area as yours.
  • A researcher gets a chance to relate existing research papers with his research objectives through analysis. 
  • It is through a literature review that you get to add authenticity and credibility to your content. 
  • The collection of data and its relevance to your area of study helps in putting your argument across in a clearer and justified manner

Steps To Write A Literature Review Effectively In A Dissertation Proposal:

A literature review is all about collecting data from existing research papers in relevant areas of study, including it in your content, and then analysing it carefully. This section must also flow logically from the introduction to the conclusion. The following steps will help in preparing an effective dissertation proposal for your project:

  • Gather The Relevant Data:

The first rule of a literature review is to explore the specific niche which you have chosen to explore. Search through different authentic posts in order to add credibility to your content.  Use specific keywords while finding the data and try to get updated or current data for more accuracy. Some of the reliable sources from where you can find authentic data include:

  • Journal articles.
  • Published research papers.
  • Online scholarly books.
  • Textbooks.
  • Database libraries, etc.

  • Incorporate The Data According To The Preferred Referencing Style:

Once you have decided on the data collection, it is time to incorporate it into your content. You must select a preferred referencing style according to your discipline. It is through proper reference addition that you get to avoid plagiarism and prove your point in a justified manner.  After you have selected a specific referencing style, it is important to stay consistent with it throughout the content. Some of the most popularly used referencing styles are:

  • APA citation style.
  • MLA citation style.
  • Harvard citation style.
  • Chicago citation style.
  • IEEE citation style, etc.

  • Analyse Each Reference Individually:

After the reference has been incorporated, it is important to evaluate it in a critical manner. Make sure that each paragraph supports one of your arguments and all the references in that specific paragraph must be relevant to that specific argument only.  

  • Relate And Evaluate:

Towards the end of each paragraph, evaluate the added reference and relate it with your content to showcase how it supports your research objectives. You can also add references to counter-arguments but only to discredit them with your careful analysis and evaluation. 


A dissertation proposal is meant to give an overview of your intended dissertation project. Each dissertation proposal is divided into multiple sections and one such essential section is the literature review section. It is through a literature review that the researcher gets a chance to demonstrate the credibility, authenticity and reliability of your research work. The above-mentioned post will help the students in formulating an effective literature review in a dissertation proposal. 

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