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Why Referencing and Citations Matter in Your College Assignments?

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Academic projects are solely based on logical reasoning. You can use persuasion skills where needed but they are mainly based on facts. When it comes to university assignments and dissertation projects then this logical reasoning has to be proved with a solid piece of evidence as well. Students have to explore the selected topic in-depth by conducting extensive research in order to contribute to the respective field. There are many terms and requirements that a student has to consider while writing these assignments which is why many students opt for college assignment help online to meet those requirements.


The importance of assignments is quite prevalent in student’s academic life; be it their contribution to the grades of a student or a source of assessing their academic performance. Various elements combine together to form a successful college assignment. One such essential element or the foundation of an assignment project is research conduction and reference addition. This specific post is intended to guide students regarding reference addition, its importance, citation styles, and so on. 

Referencing And Citations:

An assignment project is fairly divided into five main sections; one of which is the section of a literature review which forms about 30% of the whole project. The purpose of a literature review is to support your arguments by adding references from existing research papers that are relevant to your study. Deep and extensive research has to be conducted in order to formulate this section effectively, many students get an assignment assistance service in UK as they get intimidated by the extensiveness of this section along with the requirements of adding the references accurately.


References are the form of content that is taken from the already existing research papers and incorporated into your ongoing research project as a reference; hence the title. Each paragraph of a literature review presents references that need to be critically evaluated and related to the main topic by the student. While adding the references and critically evaluating them, a student must always keep in mind that the section is flowing in a logical manner from introducing the point to providing a clear closure at the end.

The Role Of Referencing And Citations In Your College Assignments:

The reference incorporation or citation addition in your college assignments is integral in multiple ways. This includes:

  • It is the citation addition that adds credibility and authenticity to the specific research work. By citing the sources and giving the original source their due credit reflects the authenticity of the research paper.
  • The incorporation of references in your college assignment solidifies your main argument. These references can be in support of the objectives of your research project or they can be against them; which you will have to discredit with solid reasoning. 
  • The accurate addition of citations eliminates the chances of plagiarism. It is because taking content as a reference from other research papers is the requirement of the project but in order to ensure the originality of the content, citations must be added effectively. 
  • The due credit can only be given to the original researcher or author through citations.

The Accurate Method Of Incorporating Citations In Your College Assignments:

Now that you are familiar with the importance of reference addition in college assignments, it is time to affiliate the students with the main citation styles. Each of these citation styles is preferred in their specific disciplines and has slight differences in their style of citation addition. Some of the main citation styles include:

  • APA Citation Style:

APA is an abbreviation for the American Psychological Association and is the most commonly used referencing style in academic projects. It is mostly preferred in the disciplines of sciences and social sciences. 

  • MLA Citation Style:

This is the citation style that is also known modern language association referencing style. This form of citation style is mainly used in the disciplines of arts, literature, and humanities. 

  • IEEE Citation Style:

The Institute Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers referencing style is the one that is used in the fields of computer sciences, engineering, and information technology. 

  • Harvard Citation Style:

Harvard citation style can be described as the variant of the APA referencing style in which the author-date referencing style is followed. 

  • Chicago Citation Style:

This is the referencing style that can be used in multiple disciplines but it is most commonly used in history discipline. 


Different procedures are followed for each referencing style; some are the ones in which in-text citations are added, some include a parenthesis form of citation while some comprise of footnote citation addition system.  


Research conduction and data collection are essential elements of a college assignment. To carry out this process of data collection and incorporation effectively; a student must be affiliated with the concept of reference addition. Reference addition plays an integral role in maintaining the credibility and authenticity of the project while maintaining its originality. The above-mentioned post will help the students in getting familiar with the concept of reference addition and its role in a college assignment. 

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