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These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of New York City Us’s Website, located at https://nycityus.com/.

By accessing NYC website we assume you accept the NYC terms and conditions. Do not continue to use NYC if you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this page.

NYC offer an opportunity for users to create an account and share post and exchange opinions and information. New York City Us does not filter user data prior to their presence on the website. these user not represent to this platform. User’s data represents the individual who holds and on whose behalf the account is managed. New York City Us not be liable for it.

New York City Us reserves the right to monitor all data and to remove it, which not suitable of NYC platform.

Use of the Site


You may need to create an account on New York CIty Us for paid and free services with true information.

Account Suspension

The NYC platform reserve the right to suspend your account at any time with any notice.

Paid Services

Some features of the NYC platform are paid. The New York platform have right to charge for it.

Payment Information

NYC platform not store any financial information (Bank name, Account Number, Credit/Debit card, OTP, Etc). All the payment completed with third-party gateways like paypal. You can pay for paid services at own risk.


Any money for paid NYC services charged from you is non-refundable.

Your Content

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right to share Your Content on New York City Us, You agree to hold harmless and indemnify New York City Us for any liability arising from Your Content.

By submitting Your Content to New York City Us, You automatically grant to NYC to publicly display your data worldwide.

You are responsible for the Content that You share on the NYC.

Links to Other Websites

The New York City Us may contain third-party websites links and content that are not owned or controlled by NYC. Every viewer of the site must be used it at own risk.

Prohibited Use of the Site

This NYC website may not be used for illegal activities or to violate New York platform rights.

Transmit any illegal, abuse, insulting, violent, dangerous, or harmful content, or content that promotes behaviour that might be considered an unlawful act, give rise to liability for damages, or otherwise violate any useful local, provincial, national, or international law or regulation.

Do not post any content that you do not own or have permission to post.


You are agree that you will not post or distribute, modify or copy in any manner any copyrighted content that belonging to other people without the permission from the owner of those proprietary rights.

If you are a copyright owner and you believe that your work has been copied by anyone and posted on our site, please contact us at citsbpl@gmail.com. We will delete that Content and account asap.


We employ the use of cookies. By accessing New York City Us, you agreed to use cookies in agreement with the New York City Us’s Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is available at https://nycityus.com/privacy-policy. We collect, use, and disclose Your personal information according to with this policy. By submitting information to NYC, you agree to its display in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

The local, state, national, or international laws are applicable to your account and data.

Operation and Maintenance of the Site

We sometimes suspend Site services for normal and emergency maintenance.

Changes to the Site

The New York City Us is reserved the right to changes in the site, Services and content.

Termination of Access

NYC Us may cancel or suspend Your use of the Site or Services without notice if you violate these Terms of Service.

Final Note

You are responsible for your account with content. NYC contains third-party information, You can used this website at won risk. We are not responsible for any damages and loss. If you do not agree with any conditions of the Pittsburgh Tribune website, Do not use our services.

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