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7 Types Of Use Paraphrasing For Academic Papers:

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In the effective academic writing process one of the most crucial abilities for researchers and students to have is paraphrasing. Because of the fact that research is mainly based on previously written as we know authenticity is required in scientific or academic writing, that is why students must have the ability to  articulate their ideas clearly and concisely with their academic writing . This shows the value of paraphrasing in research. 

Paraphrasing in research is a crucial ability for researchers and students, especially for the native speakers, who don’t have a strong command on english. While some students don’t have any idea how and from where to start paraphrasing in academic writing or how to do so without compromising the originality. In order to help researchers and students attain academic writing perfection, we provide an explanation of paraphrasing in research in this post.

What Is The Importance Of Paraphrasing In Academic Writing:

Paraphrasing is defined as when you paraphrase the previously written material in your own new words while keeping the main idea secure. 

It is an important skill for writers as it highlights their new ideas and comprehension of the subject and gives them a chance to successfully add their updated knowledge in their work while maintaining the integrity of the papers.

Different Types Of Paraphrasing:

As we know In academic writing paraphrasing is the key component because it offers writers to add their ideas and knowledge in their own wording while maintaining the main idea preserved. The following seven categories of paraphrasing strategies can improve your academic writing:

  1. Direct paraphrasing.
  2. Indirect paraphrasing.
  3. Summary paraphrasing.
  4. Transformation paraphrasing.
  5. Adaptation paraphrasing.
  6. Paraphrasing by using synonyms.
  7. Extend Method.
  • Direct Paraphrasing:

This type involves rephrasing the original text and also changing the structure of the sentence in this paraphrasing with no extra detail added in the context.

  • Indirect Paraphrasing:

This involves rephrasing the original text in your own words but maintaining the same meaning and context as the original.

  • Summary Paraphrasing:

This type involves rewriting something in your own words but shortening it by stating only the main idea and the supporting points you need for your purpose.

  • Transformation Paraphrasing:

This involves changing the form of the original text, such as turning a sentence into a question or vice versa. In such a way that subject becomes object or object become subject respectively.

While doing transformation paraphrasing keep in mind your college or university’s guidelines about this kind of paraphrasing if you want to use it to upgrade your academic grade.

  • Adaptation Paraphrasing:

This involves taking important information from the original text and putting it into a new format or text. But the main idea of the remain same 

This can be done to make the content more readable or to give a more thorough explanation.

  •  Paraphrasing By Synonyms:

This involves the use of synonyms in the replacement of the original words or phrases while keeping the same meaning preserved.

  • Extend Method:

While using an expanded rephrasing approach, there is an addition of more details to improve content quality and clarity.This method might be useful if you’re having trouble coming up with an engaging approach to arrange your brainstorming sessions.

You rebuild the original text while adding words that make sense in the context when you use the extended strategy. The original meaning is maintained, but the reader is given more context to better understand the main points of your message.

When Should Paraphrasing Use In Research Paper:

Paraphrasing is the most effective method for writing research papers or assignments When using important data or evidence from an outside source to strengthen your claims or set your own research in context. Paraphrasing can be applied to make a difficult concept understandable to your readers. This entails writing in a formal, academic style, distilling long texts for clarity, and incorporating important ideas from previous sources into your work. When it comes to developing a strong, well-supported argument, trying to avoid plagiarism to make it unique

To What Extent Should I Paraphrase My Research Paper?

The amount of paraphrasing in academic writing depends on the genre of your paper and the specific assignment guidelines from your institute. As a general rule, a significant portion of your paper should have your original ideas maintained, which include your own idea, interpretation, and analysis of the research paper. The basic role of paraphrasing in research content is to support your updated arguments. It’s essential to keep a balance between your original work and the use of paraphrased sources to maintain the integrity and authenticity of your research paper.

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Paraphrasing:

In the academic writing process , writers have to avoid some common problems while paraphrasing the content. While paraphrasing in research writers have to be careful not to alter the original meaning of the content and make sure you are appropriately citing the source. While writing an article make sure to highlight your own unique thoughts rather than merely restating previously published knowledge. To prevent plagiarism, make sure to maintain coherence between the sentences and enhance your unique voice and style.


These paraphrasing techniques can help you to write more clear and creative academic papers and assignments. Maintain the balance between the originality of the content and paraphrasing. However in order to maintain proper integrity proper citation and reference is the key. If you keep the strong grip on these techniques you can improve the quality of your academic writing  

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