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NYCER (New York City Exterior Restoration) Design is a leading structural engineering and architectural design firm, offering a comprehensive range of top-tier building consultation services tailored to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. With over a decade of collective expertise, our team of skilled engineers and architects is committed to delivering unparalleled consultation and construction solutions. At NYCER, we are passionate about our craft, dedicating ourselves to thorough investigation and analysis of building conditions to provide clients with informed recommendations for repair and maintenance, ensuring compliance with stringent DOB codes and regulations. Our professional services encompass: Exterior Restoration: From historical landmarks to contemporary structures, we specialize in revitalizing building exteriors to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Maintenance Design and Work Oversight: We offer comprehensive maintenance plans and oversee work execution to prolong the lifespan of buildings and safeguard against structural degradation. Building Waterproofing Engineering & Enveloping: Our expertise in waterproofing solutions ensures long-term protection against water intrusion, preventing damage and preserving structural integrity. Preservation of High-Rise Buildings: With a focus on preserving architectural heritage, we implement strategies to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of high-rise buildings. Construction Alteration of Existing Buildings: Our team excels in designing alterations that seamlessly integrate with existing structures, optimizing space and functionality. Structural and Geo-Tech Engineering and Design: We provide innovative structural and geotechnical engineering solutions to support safe and resilient building design. NYC DOB Special Inspection, TR1 Services, and Building Material Testing: Committed to regulatory compliance, we offer specialized inspection services and material testing to ensure adherence to DOB standards. New Building Construction Design and Consultation: From concept to completion, we offer comprehensive design and consultation services for new construction projects, leveraging our expertise to optimize efficiency and performance. At NYCER, we differentiate ourselves by offering comprehensive services that encompass structural design engineering, façade inspection, reporting, and complete construction management. Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of a project is meticulously planned and executed to exceed client expectations. Choose NYCER for unparalleled expertise, dedication to quality, and a commitment to delivering superior building consultation services for projects of any scale or complexity.

Transforming Buildings with Restoration Services: A Comprehensive Guide

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