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Buy FBT Splitter Optical Splitter is used to split the fiber optic light into several parts at a certain ratio. This passive device is an important component used in Passive Optical Network (PON), also known as PON Splitter. There are mainly two types of PON splitters: one is the traditional fused type splitter known as FBT Coupler or FBT WDM splitter, which features competitive price; the other is the PLC Splitter based on the PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) technology, which has a compact size and suits for density applications. FBT Coupler Also can be referred to as fused biconical taper splitter or FBT coupler. Its appearance is very similar to bare PLC splitter and mini steel tube plc splitter. Based on traditional technology, FBT splitter, full name Fused Biconical Tapers Splitter is to weld several fibers together from the side of the fiber. Fibers are aligned by heating for a specific location and length. They are protected by a glass tube made of epoxy and silica powder as the fused fibers are very fragile. And then a stainless steel tube covers the inner glass tube and is sealed by silicon. The quality of FBT fiber splitter has improved over time and they can be deployed in a cost-effective manner. FBT Couplers are widely used in passive optical networks, especially for where the split configuration is no more than 1脳4. Features Low Insertion Loss Low PDL High Return Loss Uniform Power Splitting Compact Design Wide Operating Wavelength Wide Operating Temperature Excellent Environmental & Mechanical Stability Qualified Under Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209 Certificated by ROHS Applications FTTX (FTTP, FTTH, FTTN, FTTC) Passive Optical Networks (PON) Local Area Networks (LAN) CATV Systems Amplifying, Monitoring System Test Equipment Optical Splitters in PON Network Topology Product Highlights Reliable Environmental Stability Low insert loss(IL), low polarization dependent loss(PDL), low back reflection, and excellent uniformity. High-Quality Chips The wavelength is not sensitive to the loss of light, which can meet the transmission requirement of different wavelengths. Compact Structure Design Compacted in a very small sizes, so it can be installed in a variety of applications and just takes up very little space. Best Solution for Passive Optic Network(PON) As one of the key components for GPON FTTx networks, optical splitters can be placed in the Central Office or in one of the distribution points (outdoor or indoor) because the FBT splitters are highly stable for multi-port optical signal splitting with low insertion loss. FBT couplers are designed for power splitting and tapping in telecommunication equipment, CATV network, and test equipment Durable Jacket Material PVC and LSZH are optional, and both are with good strength and tenacity, of long lifespan. Strict Quality Control Every product is strictly tested before shipment. TANGPIN Technology guarantee that every product to the hands of customers are subject to stringent testing standards. Thoroughly sterilized All the raw materials will be sterilized before entering our warehouses. And all the finished products will be sterilized before shipment. Specification Table 1 Parameter1x2 Operating Wavelength (nm)1310/1550 Operating bandwidth (nm)卤40 GradePA Insert Loss(dB)1/99鈮?2.5/0.25鈮?3.5/0.35 Coupling ratio:2/98鈮?8.8/0.3鈮?9.5/0.4 3/97鈮?7.0/0.35鈮?7.8/0.45 5/95鈮?4.6/0.4鈮?5.5/0.5 10/90鈮?1.2/0.75鈮?2.0/0.8 20/80鈮?.9/1.3鈮?.4/1.4 30/70鈮?.0/1.9鈮?.3/2.1 40/60鈮?.7/2.7鈮?.9/2.9 50/50鈮?.6鈮?.8 Excess Loss(dB)0.070.1 PDL(dB)鈮?.15鈮?.20 Return Loss(dB)>50 Directivity(dB)鈮?5 Operating Temperature(潞C)-40~85 Storage Temperature(潞C)-40~85 ConnectorSC, FC, LC or Customized Notes: The values are all tested at +23潞C without connectors. Table 2 Configuration1脳21脳31脳41脳81脳161×32 Center Wavelength (nm)1310, 1490, 1550 Operating Wavelength (nm)卤40 Insert LossPlease refer to the coupling ratio Typical Excess Loss0. Return Loss鈮?5 Notes: The values are all tested at +23潞C without connectors. Order Information Input Channel Number: 1/ 2 Splitting Ratio: 10:90 / 20:80 / 30:70 / 40:60 / customized Input Optical Fiber Type: 0.25mm / 0.9mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm Output Channel Number: 2 / 4 / 8 / 16/ 32 Output Optical Fiber Type: 0.25mm/ 0.9mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm Connector Type In/Out: no connector / FC / SC / LC / or other type Connector Polish Type: APC/ UPC/ PC Fiber Length: customized (1.0M defaulted) Q&A Q: What’s the difference between PLC Splitter and FBT Splitter? A: You can kindly refer to the following chart ParametersFBT SplitterPLC Splitter Operating Wavelength850nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm1260nm ~ 1650nm Splitting Ratio1:321:64 Asymmetric Attenuation Per Branchuneven splitter ratios for all branchesequal splitter ratios for all branches Temperature-Dependent Loss -5 to 75鈩?/p> -40 to 85 鈩?/p> Pricecheaperhigher Q: Can you offer split ratio 20:80 PLC optic splitter ? A: Yes, we can offer. But for splitting ratio 20:80, it鈥檚 FBT splitter, not PLC Splitter. The former offers adjustable splitting ratio, while the latter offers equal split ratios for all branches. Q: How to choose a right fiber optic splitter? A: You should consider the costs & applications. For example, splitting configurations below 1脳4 are advised to use FBT splitter, while split configurations above 1脳8 are recommended for PLC splitters. If only for a single wavelength transmission or dual, FBT splitter is better to save cost. If for PON broadband transmission, considering the future expansion and monitoring needs, PLC splitter is better. TANGPIN Technology provides FBT Couplers & a variety of PLC Splitters.Buy FBT Splitter website:

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