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Diesel Powered Tata Commercial Vehicles For Different Uses

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Diesel-powered commercial vehicles from Tata Motors promote efficient intra-city transportation. Not just heavy-duty, but its light commercial vehicles, mini trucks and tempo traveller trucks offer durability as well. 

This blog provides a range of models from the Tata Ace and Winger series. Tata Ace trucks efficiently transport cargo, whereas Winger travelers carry passengers. Both models differ based on their applications. 

Continue reading the blog to learn about their pricing, applications, and specifications. 

Tata Ace Gold Diesel Mini Truck

Mini trucks, or “Chota Hathi,” symbolize their ability to carry small packages while offering powerful performance. 

Likewise, the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Mini Truck ensures high mileage for better fuel efficiency. Besides, its 700 CC Naturally Aspirated DI engine gives 20 HP output and provides better speed. 

The Tata Mini Truck’s gross weight in GVW is 1685 kg, allowing a larger (750kg) payload. Additionally, the wheelbase of 2100 mm ensures a highly balanced and stabilized ride even on flyovers. 

Hence, the mini truck’s price range is Rs. 5.99 – 6.49 Lakh. Further, the fuel tank capacity is sufficient for last-mile cargo transportation. 

Tata Winger Tourist/Staff

The Tata Winger Tourist/Staff traveler is well-suited for carrying passengers and packages too. Besides, it is equipped with a 2.2 L DICOR engine, ensuring uniform acceleration. In addition, this powerful engine gives 100 HP output while maintaining speed. 

The Tata traveler’s overall weight in GVW is 3230 kg, and the wheelbase (3488mm) for the stabilized ride. Besides its high payload, its high roof of 1900mm ensures drivers’ convenience. 

Hence, the Tata Winger traveler’s price range is Rs. 15.21 – 16.20 Lakh. Furthermore, it’s a 

multi-utility passenger vehicle designed with comforting features. 

Also, it features a super-fast USB charger and extra luggage space for loading packages. It fits a large number of passengers easily.

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